Un-fucking-believable! I ran across this unmitigated piece of shit on Amazon. It doesn’t look like the movie has an official site, not that I could find, but I’m copying the info from Amazon. The review that I am posting is probably not a legitimate customer review, but rather one placed by someone involved with the film. However, it gives you more info about the DVD than the product info does. JFC!   – DG

Water – The Great Mystery

Product Description
Fascinating movie spans the globe to reveal recent discoveries about water, the most amazing yet least studied substance in the world. Witness as researchers, scientists, philosophers and theologians try to understand this unique liquid and all its miraculous properties still waiting to be discovered.

“Customer” Review
I hate definitions like "life-changing", "amazing", "unbelievable", etc. but this movie is just that in absolutely every aspect. Why? Its just another proof we know almost NOTHING about the planet we inhabit. I did not know that :

* water has memory
* water senses human emotions and reacts to them
* water is able to communicate from a distance
* a prayer can turn bad water into good one
* both tap & bottled water are "dead" and bear no positive energy

Scientific proofs from different countries & parts of the world are captured in this movie and the above listed facts are just a small fraction of what has been discovered recently.

I recommend this movie to every person who wants to understand more about themselves, the world we live in and maybe even the direction in which our civilization is headed. Have you ever asked yourselves why underdeveloped people living in the nature are much more happy than us living in the most developed cities of the world? A major part of the answer may lie hidden in the water we drink.

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People who claim we know nothing and attribute it to Socrates, don't understand Socrates.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - I just drank some dinosaur shit!
We've all drank recycled molecules of Shakespeare's pee by now. See? We really are all connected!
The customer review is such a commercial. It's just like the old practice of "planting" someone in the audience while you sell snake oil.

Where do they get that water is the "least studied" substance in the world? Also, I'd hope that everything I eat is dead, with the exception of live and active cultures in yogurt.
Well, unless by 'eat' you mean - pleasure with my mouth...
Oh yeah, that's an exception too!
* water has memory

"Water has memory! And while its memory of a long-lost drop of onion juice seems infinite, it somehow forgets all the pooh it's had in it!"
~Tim Minchin "Storm"

* water senses human emotions and reacts to them

Uh... what?

* water is able to communicate from a distance

You know... I was drinking a bottle of water today... I swear I heard a tiny little voice screaming "stop! Stop!"

Do you think it was the water?

* a prayer can turn bad water into good one

"Prayer: the easiest way to do nothing and lie about it."

* both tap & bottled water are "dead" and bear no positive energy

I didn't know water was alive...
Oh wait... it's not.
That makes me think of a Futurama episode where some aliens were made out of water...the main character is in a hot planet, sees a bottle of water and drinks it, and then is told "You just drank the emperor!"
Yes, my water "miraculously" makes really good coffee.

This kind of crap misses out on all the reasons why water really is remarkable stuff. Its abilities as a solvent, ability to absorb heat without temperature rise, lower density in solid state...all real, demonstrable stuff that makes life possible and affects everything in our world. Apparently that's just not cool enough as it is, so we need to make up shit.
As for the happiness of "underdeveloped people living in the nature," freaking citation needed.
Not to mention that chemically, if it were to be predicted prior to it's existence, it would be assumed to be a solid at room temperature, the bonding within the molecule should not display polarity, and that when cooled to freezing point shouldn't expand. It is indeed miraculous stuff.


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