Un-fucking-believable! I ran across this unmitigated piece of shit on Amazon. It doesn’t look like the movie has an official site, not that I could find, but I’m copying the info from Amazon. The review that I am posting is probably not a legitimate customer review, but rather one placed by someone involved with the film. However, it gives you more info about the DVD than the product info does. JFC!   – DG

Water – The Great Mystery

Product Description
Fascinating movie spans the globe to reveal recent discoveries about water, the most amazing yet least studied substance in the world. Witness as researchers, scientists, philosophers and theologians try to understand this unique liquid and all its miraculous properties still waiting to be discovered.

“Customer” Review
I hate definitions like "life-changing", "amazing", "unbelievable", etc. but this movie is just that in absolutely every aspect. Why? Its just another proof we know almost NOTHING about the planet we inhabit. I did not know that :

* water has memory
* water senses human emotions and reacts to them
* water is able to communicate from a distance
* a prayer can turn bad water into good one
* both tap & bottled water are "dead" and bear no positive energy

Scientific proofs from different countries & parts of the world are captured in this movie and the above listed facts are just a small fraction of what has been discovered recently.

I recommend this movie to every person who wants to understand more about themselves, the world we live in and maybe even the direction in which our civilization is headed. Have you ever asked yourselves why underdeveloped people living in the nature are much more happy than us living in the most developed cities of the world? A major part of the answer may lie hidden in the water we drink.

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Yup...That's it.
Pure,stinking bullshit.
Wrong. By definition, homeopathy is odorless bullshit. The only point in its flavor.
Animals can smell water and taste it. Humans only smell and taste the impurities. Now I need to go find where the hell I heard that. I'll be back on this one...
hmmm apparently there is a general agreement among taste and behavior scientists that insects can taste water

but what I've read somewhere:
Pigs, dogs, and some other animals can taste water, but people cannot. Humans don't actually taste the water, they taste the chemicals and impurities in the water.

I just found also on a trivia site (worthless) but cannot find a scientific study which has come to that conclusion.

If I find a study suggesting the pig and dog theory, I'll post it here, but for now, it looks like it's only known that insects can taste water.
Sorry sacha, but last time I checked only humans were stupid enough to do homeopathy, so I stick to my guns ;-)

(and by the way, this is the second time this week you seem to reply to an argument that's actually no more than a prop for a pun.)
This time I was not exactly responding, it reminded me of an interesting tidbit of information, even though I was unable to find supporting evidence for the claim.

I don't remember the last time.

I'm having a strange week, Jaume, forgive me.
You're all forgiven, although I can't figure out what needs forgiving. Last time was about a former Playboy model named Jenny McCarthy and a 'pubic' vote.
hahahahah! I did not read it as pubic! I clearly missed that one.

I hate the woowoo bastards when they act like some rampant half-assed pseudo-Socrates--continually promulgating that "people", "we", etc. know nothing and yet obviously feeling that they know something in that "we" "know nothing".

To reiterate: *headdesk*

Is there anything that we can do about this? Will spamming links to howdoeshomeopathywork.com in the reviews section help?
You should so do that.
re: Jared... THAT, was an outstanding rant. Brief, but out-fucking-standing!
Indeed. Something to throw in the face of the next agnostic weenie that starts up with the Socrates crap.


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