The Complicated Faces of Anti-Semitism

This brings to mind a conversation I had a few years ago with a Jewish friend whose parents met in a Nazi concentration camp. We were discussing something historical, and she remarked that Jews had been persecuted by almost everyone throughout their history. Said I (paraphrasing), well, what's wrong with you? Said she, what's wrong with us? Sure, I replied, it simply isn't natural for any people to be so consistently disliked. Look at it in personal terms. If a few people I meet don't like me, I can easily say the problem is with them. But if virtually everyone I meet hates or despises me, it is pretty hard to escape the conclusion that there is something fundamentally wrong with me, or with how I behave.

Short, but brave, article. The middle east is this planet's hot spot for nonsense of all flavours, little of it amusing and much of it barbaric and medieval. There is a dichotomy that is forced on all of us - that of being either pro-Palestinian or pro-Israeli. There is no consideration whatsoever given to the fact that you can also be neither or even both. There is no shortage of gibberish on the topic, even here.

If it weren't for the oil, would the planet really be worse off if the entire region were nuked into oblivion ? I doubt it. The Jews cling to their precious covenant as the original Master Race, the Arabs / Persians cling desperately to some mythical past as the cradle of civilisation in complete denial that for the last 800 years they have been a failed culture, in the words of Winston, "Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy." Neither have contributed anything meaningful, unless you count suicide terrorism and the never healing scab of the holocaust remembrance industry.

There needs to be more articles like this, and more that take the shine off the leftist humanist daydream of the Palestinians as poor, innocent, oppressed poster children - and that they are just common thugs in a region of common thugs.

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Fear is, unfortunately, a powerful, persuading, deluding emotion! Let's teach people how to think critically with their domes, talking about their heads, not their mosques! Show and explain how the bump in the night isn't a ghost. How slaughtering innocent beings (human and nonhuman animals alike) doesn't purify anything or bring you closer to god. How lands and regions don't decide how loyal you are to your family and culture. How patriarchal oppression hurts people more than it protects them! And I'm tired of the "grudge" justification, everyone hurts someone at some time. Deal with it, get over it, and move on! Now I realize that war, torture, murder, control, and domination are terrible things to have to confront and deal with. I'm not minimizing the travesty associated with them! But I also think that we need to look toward discourse, secular education, and some love to get past the old school idea of revenge!
Short, but brave, article [...] There needs to be more articles like this

There are. I remember people like Stéphane Hessel or Jean Daniel (and many others) saying basically the same things, earlier and better than Sabrosky, but since it was in the French paper press or the telly I couldn't find any trace of it on the web.

BTW. Sabrosky sounds like the 'first face' is still relevant today. (Whether the scriptural affinity for bloody-mindedness reflects the Jewish culture or affected it over time is immaterial.) I don't fully agree here. I know the ultra-religious and supremacist hardliners are in better shape in Israel today than they ever were in the past 60 years, but they're still a minority (albeit vocal, I agree), and their revival is more a consequence of than a cause for the current mess in the area. I still think that if Israel turned into an armed state, the main reason isn't this "Us vs. the rest of the world" mentality that made Jews so despicable to Romans. My opinion is this perception of an inherently aggressive Israel vanished with Titus, and that perpetuating this 'first face of anti-semitism' in the modern era is rather artificial.
I have no gripe with Israel at all - except when they do shit like white phosphorus munitions. I liken Israel to a black family being relocated into a neighbourhood comprised entirely of KKK households - Syria, Egypt et al still show documentaries on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as historical fact. That gives some perspective to people that think they over-react all the time.
I'd just point out a problem with the logic. Whether a minority or majority agree on anything (liking or disliking you) is irrelevent. A majority of Americans don't believe in evolution. Does that mean something is wrong with evolution as a theory? A majority of americans distrust Atheists. Does that mean we are untrustworthy?

As for the dichotomy of pro-Israeli vs. pro-Palestinian, you nailed that one. I say the leaders/officials on both sides are a bunch of deceitful hypocritical assholes who don't give a shit about their own people.
I'd just point out a problem with the logic. Whether a minority or majority agree on anything (liking or disliking you) is irrelevent.

It's a nonessential part of the argument anyway. It's not uncommon for people to be led to ask the right questions thru sloppy logic.
I wouldn't say it's irrelevant, because it is going to have quite an affect on things, but whether a minority or majority likes or dislikes you is irrelevant when it comes to them being right or not.
Nice set of maps dismissing the nonsense that there ever was a Palestinian state -

It's a region folks, NOT a state. Get it into your heads once and for all. Like the Rhineland or the European Alps. It's drawing a rough circle on a map. It's not demarcated, undisputed property. So go fuck a goat.


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