More un-fucking-believeable bullshit from con artists. - Dallas


Welcome to Energy Mandala
Here you will find an elegant blend of Art, Spirituality and Science. Recent discoveries in the field of Quantum Physics have unlocked ancient mysteries and pierced the veil between spirituality and the world of science and physics.


I have taken the principles of Ancient Numerology, Color Therapy and movement and integrated them into Organic Fractals with complex algorithms to produce these Energy Mandalas.


Each Mandala has a meaning and intention woven into the complex patterns that make up these beautiful pieces of art work.


Your Personal Artwork for the Soul
You are more amazing than you have ever known or dreamed!!!

Individuals all over the world are using Personal Energy Mandalas to access their inner reservoirs of potential, strength, beauty, creativity, and to accelerate manifestation.

Calibrated to your individual vibration, your Personal Energy Mandala resonates with the creative power to transform your life. Just like looking into an energetic mirror, your Personal Energy Mandala allows you to tap into the Source of your extraordinary life. By connecting to Source, you have full access to unlimited resources, untapped inner strength, and breathtaking creativity. Your Personal Mandala acts as a powerful portal that transports you above and beyond your imagination.


What is an Energy Mandala
A mandala is a sacred space, often a circle, which reveals some inner truth about you or the world around you. In Sanskrit mandala means both circle and center, implying that it represents both the visible world outside of us (the circle- whole world) and the invisible one deep inside our minds and bodies (the center- healing circle). Mandala art has been used throughout the world for self-expression, spiritual transformation, and personal growth. An archetypal symbol of wholeness, the mandala was used as a therapeutic art tool by psychologist Carl Jung, who believed interacting with mandalas helped patients to make the unconscious - conscious.


Accessing the Power of Your Full Potential Self
After receiving your Personal Energy Mandala, take the time to fully explore the intensity and depth of the range of colors, the swirling shapes and repetitive patterns. Gaze deeply at your mandala and allow yourself to enjoy some moments of blissful solitude. While contemplating your mandala, take 7 deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Now, without trying to change or make something happen, just simply relax. You can use an affirmation like this, ” I am more than I think I am. I am more than I know. I am open to exploring the wonders of my amazing life and accessing the vast, hidden reservoirs of my power, strength, creativity and joy.”


Quantum Fractal Technology
Fractals are the Fingerprint of God, they are the geometry of nature and life itself. Everything in the natural world is created based on fractal mathematics; everything including our own DNA. Beyond beautiful art, these images resonate with infinite potential, expanding our field of consciousness and opening our heart to wonder. Each Personal Fractal Mandala resonates with a Morphic Field of infinite potential. You will experience a wonderful sense of vastness as you gaze at your Fractal Energy Mandala,


Couples Fractal Energy Mandala
A relationship mandala can be an extraordinary gift. These quantum fractal mandalas hold a significant morphic field that can be useful in the transformation and enhancement of quality spiritual relationships. Many couples have used their own quantum fractal mandala to transform their personal relationships. Every relationship we have contains a morphic field, often the morphic field for a particular relationship can be filled with old baggage from past relationships, fears and jealousies, as you fill the morphic field of your relationships with new and positive intentions, often the relationship begins to transform effortlessly. For healthy relationships who desire to explore untapped potential in their relationship, a quantum fractal mandala can be a wonderful starting point. Many couples print and frame their relationship mandala and hang it in a special place in their home for a constant reminder of their spiritual connection in desire for an ever-increasing, fulfilling and passionate relationship.


To form a Relationship Fractal Energy Mandala I take the numerology of both members of the relationship, combine them and use these powerful numbers to create a Quantum Fractal Energy Mandala that is calibrated to infinite potential and highest intentions of the relationship.

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The ususal crap packed in pseudo-scientific jargon. Old wine in new bottles with a fancy label stuck on. Unfortunely many people fall for the fancy packaging without looking at the content. If this was a car, a vacuum cleaner, a set of steak-knives we could complain to some kind of advertising standards authority.

"Recent discoveries in the field of Quantum Physics ..."


This is code for "Everything from here down is going to be complete bullshit."

Well, it looks like somebody needs to cleanse their morphic field.

Ummm ... their "morphic field" wouldn't be located between their two ass cheeks, would it?

PRETTY picture - I will give 'em that much!

Thanks, I already stimulated my fractal until I cleared my morphic field, this morning.  I'm good.

Why can't I think of some bullshit and make money?!


Inherent honesty is a bitch, isn't it?
How about plant psychologist? Unhappy people come to you with their drooping plants, you tell them to talk to the plants (which get some extra co2) the owners feel better and you get the credit/money.You can re-bottle some cheap fertilizer as a magic elixir to sell at a 1,000% profit too.


Each Personal Fractal Mandala resonates with a Morphic Field of infinite potential.

is such iconic technobabble. Just how does one calibrate to "infinite potential" or to intentions?

I've been attempting it through the method of stimulating my fractal, as Dallas Gaytheist suggested.  I'll let you know what kind of results I turn up.

Be honest; how many of us actually managed to read all of that? What are they selling--drugs? Party tickets?


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