Let's collate a counteridiocy video archive. This is an excellent start. Please try and stick to non-specific general No Nonsense video subjects and give a brief synopsis so we can find what we're looking for later.

Open-mindedness - Qualia Soup

In-thread video links (can also be viewed below) -

RDF TV - Baloney Detection Kit - Michael Shermer
QualiaSoup - The problem with anecdotes
QualiaSoup - It *could* just be coincidence
Here Be Dragons - The Movie
Some Grey Bloke - My ex-wife's a racist
QualiaSoup - Skewed views of science
TheraminTrees - Illusion of superiority, the Dunning–Kruger effect
Qualia Soup - Critical Thinking
Qualia Soup - Absolutely... not, morality and god
QualiaSoup - Flawed thinking by numbers, use and abuse of probability
Atheism and the Null Hypothesis

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Is this ad hominem or reductio ad absurdum ? I'm an empirical kind of guy that loathes complex language when simple language will do. Either way, this guy is a genius and is relevant in a warped kind of way -

My Wife's a Racist - Some Grey Bloke

I love Some Grey Bloke! I subscribe to his video channel and I have a few of his videos posted.

I don't need to re-post Storm, since it is right there on the front page. Let me find some others...

' />

Another from Qualiasoup.

Qualiasoup again.
34:43, he said "closed-minded" with the D intact. This makes me smile.
Another good one from QualiaSoup on Substance Dualism

Another good one from QualiaSoup on Substance Dualism

Excellent video, Glenn. The logic presented is my reason for rejecting the dualistic notion of contra-causal freewill.
Flawed Thinking by Numb3rs from QualiaSoup

I just love this guy. Thanks for posting all these.
Absolutely .... not on morality by QualiaSoup


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