These are becoming an unfortunate necessity as this site grows and the collective IQ plummets. Let's keep it simple.

"Don't even argue about it" rules

Remember, you are guests in another's house. You have no say in these. You are bound first and foremost by Ning Networks Terms of Service (ToS) and then by those of AtheistNexus. The guidelines at Dawkins and Randi forums are a pretty good idea too.

Raison d'être

Contrary to what various mumbo-jumbo shamans may feel, No Nonsense is not against any specific ideology per se. It is purely against bad thinking, faulty logic and information abuse, misuse, and non-use. Atheists can and do spout nonsense about atheism and their nonsense is treated equally.

Copyright, quoting, citations, legal etc.

Soggy Glen (thank you!) supplied this handy guide to the pitfalls of posting shit in the public space. Remain painfully aware of DMCA (from Wikipedia and therefore false) and copyright considerations, no matter how repugnant you find them. If you don't think they matter, they do. Do not block paste entire articles - even if it is legal, it's rarely justified. Quote pertinent extracts and link to the original. Cite everything you say that is not purely personal opinion with valid sources. Being against nonsense carries with it the burden of ensuring everything you post is bullet-proof. Stuff that isn't up to scratch will see the oppressive jack-boot of responsible posting come stomping down and content may be removed.

Commenting in threads

To avoid confusion and the possibility of the wrong person getting bitten, please always cite the person whose comments you are quoting in this preferred format -

Username: quoted text

When including images, please link back to the original as well. Ning has the habit of shrinking some embedded content and detail may no longer be legible.

Maintain your sense of humour at all times

Though you may stand on the lip of the yawning abyss of stupidity, the only sane and appropriate response is laughter. Taking yourself and the world too seriously is how most people end up being cranks. Laugh and be damned. Humour is the great leveller and helps maintain a grip on reality even when all else around you crumbles.

Do not derail

Nonsense tends to gravitate around highly charged and emotive issues so please try and maintain your decorum. Everyone has their pet issues. Please refrain from launching yourself into extended idealogical monologues. The chances of anyone here not having heard it before are slim to non-existant and A|N is full of interest groups where this type of ranting is welcomed. Please use them. Also, beware of other forms of derailing - you are supposed to be above it.

Feel free to award a Schopie wherever you see derailing in this group -

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Feel free to award a Schopie wherever you see derailing in this group -

This is an excellent idea. Yet I have a feeling that, as that other guy would say, "as a No Nonsense discussion grows longer, the probability of someone being given a Schopie approaches 1."
fetch Do you consider derailing a thread the same as hijacking a thread or is that a different "troll trait" ?
Thread-jacking generally has a motive and a purpose. Derailing is usually either vandalism, insanity or a get-out-of-jail-free ploy. X-ref Ms. Homan, the derailing Queen, who has chosen to leave our misogenyst, rape apologist circles. She was the Serdar Argic of victim feminism and is worthy of a case study in her own right. Both have the same result.

Thanks for the timely reminder. The copyright issues are especially relevant - I think I need to go back and look at some of my own posts. Sometimes it's difficult to know - if an image comes up on a google image search, there might be dozens of similar images, none of which can be traced back to the origin. Even so, I think that if we want to avoid legal issues, which I suppose could even lead to the site being taken down, we need to be diligent.

I see no harm in someone sending a message to the author of a post, reminding them that their wholesale copying of an article may violate copyright law. Certainly, I'm no lawyer, but I've sent a few people messages asking that they consider just copying a short piece and linking to the original article. The excuse that comes back is that readers don't want to bother with clicking on a link - this is a bullshit excuse.
When I first joined A/N I posted entire articles, always with a link to to source, but often too much content in the post. I need to go back and edit as well.

...but I've sent a few people messages asking that they consider just copying a short piece and linking to the original article.

I would have appreciated a note. I see nothing wrong with reminding those who post too much content. The repercussions of copyright infringement could affect all of us.
For the groups that I moderate, I'm trying to decide if I need to change the group icons. One is my own photo so no problem. I may need to find something in wikimedia commons. Also, I need to go through the posts that others have left in those groups - it's probably up to me to make sure they are removed.
It's a good idea to remind people of fair use and citation rules, but I'm not sure I'd sweat too much over the prospect of A|N getting shut down. Copyright infringement actions are usually begun with a cease and desist letter. If the offending material is removed, that's usually the end of it. It's not like there are copyright police running around; individual copyright holders have to do their own enforcement.
Yes - do not overreact. That is playing into the copyright fascists hands. If they know you are terrified, they'll only send more take down notices. Note YouTube / DMCA idiocy.

Discouraging bulk block paste jobs is more to discourage people who just dump slabs of text without contributing anything themselves.

I copied more than would normally be acceptable of Shermer's fallacies. But I deemed it necessary for coherence and there is no linkable copy. I did ask y'all to buy it in our defense of the use.


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