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For all the semi-relevant stuff you simply HAVE TO post... do it here. Don't clutter elsewhere.

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Kat, if that's your pic there, I'd say you're about as horse-faced as a hole in the head.
She does seem rather jaundiced (badoomboomp!)
Wait--"horse-face" is hyphenated? No wonder my spellcheck keeps telling me it's not in the dictionary.
That woman frightens me. First of all she looks at least 75, what surgery??

And what the fuck does she mean "growing up I'd always been fascinated with the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit"??

In 1988 when the movie first came out she was 35.

Truly, you may have to remove that image or else I will have horrid nightmares.
wait - that was before surgery

after surgery is not much better though:

Uh, no. If I woke up next to Huston, I wouldn't scream.
Nice little image capturing the nonsense that big media are trying to deliver what customers want.

Notice the reason they are called compact disks (in the right column)

Home fucking is killing prostitution.
That's why I stopped.
Excellent. We don't need another Jack the Ripper.


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