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Found at informationisbeautiful.net. I have no idea what Mind Mapping is but maybe I don't move in the right circles. (Created by lunchbreath)

Brainkrumping for the win!
Misconstrue word association for meaningful content.

Disregard hierarchy completly

My mind maps were hierarchical.

They said I was doing them wrong! :^ (
Found over at Respectful Insolence:

I forget where I found this :-(

Several people have posted this already -

Jenny McCarthy Body count

The actual count widget is not on the site and when you do see it, the "get widget" link is broken. The widget embed code is attached as jennymccarthybodycountwidget.txt

Just another one of those stupid filler stories that make you despair at how hopelessly mired in nonsense the comfortable, fat and pink part of the planet is.

Great granny has plastic surgery to look like Jessica Rabbit

Great grandmother Annette Edwards, 57, has spent £10,000 to make her look like cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. Has it been money well spent? No.

She says she has always loved rabbits and wanted to look like her idol, Jessica Rabbit, from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

She said: “I got my first rabbit when I was eight and it became my best friend. I would play with it for hours, we were inseparable.

"Growing up I’d always been fascinated with the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. I thought she was stunning and for years I longed to look like my idol.

"I sometimes get stopped in the street and have had loads of nice compliments.”

She said she had been contacted by Playboy about the possibility of a photo shoot.
Couple of points:

  • Jessica Rabbit of the cartoon had a bust which was roughly 55 Triple-Q (at a guess)
  • Ummm, Annette ... looked in a MIRROR lately??? [the phrase "horse-faced" comes to mind....]
Just think about the Playboy shoot...
[gag-retch!] Jeez, felch, show a little decency, willya??? [chuckle!]
The phrase "Pug ugly" comes to mind.


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