Giving African women their orgasms back.

Foreskin reconstruction is old hat. Now you can restore clitori.

Behind the 'Adopt a Clitoris' campaign

Since 2006, a controversial organization has asked for donations, promising to surgically restore the clitoris of women, mainly in Africa, who have suffered FGM: female genital mutilation. Clitoraid does this by asking people to "adopt a clitoris."

So far so good. I can't really think of any act of barbaric idiocy that is worse than FGM and infibulation (or male circumcision for that matter). A noble cause. But then you see who's driving it -

The real problem arises when you consider that Dr. Pierre Foldès, the pioneer of vaginal reconstruction surgery, is already providing these services to African women free of charge via regular charitable networks. So why the need for Clitoraid as a distinct entity ? Well, one is that Foldès, erroneously credited with starting Clitoraid, actually has nothing to do with them. The other is that there is absolutely no medical evidence for reconstructing clitoral nerves and tissue. Not another grubby scam ? Surely not...
SFGate article
Dr. Petra Boynton Blog

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Yeah, it sounded too good to be true.
Ditto PRG ;-(
Does that really work. I know if a guy is castrated they can re-attach. But if it doesn't happen soon enough it ends up not mattering. Last I knew nerve damage tends to be permanent. How do they reestablish the nerves?
If you read the article -

The background info is pretty accurate, but restoring the clitoral nerve is nonsense
Dr Foldes is the developer of a surgical method that does not actually reconstruct a clitoris after circumcision or excision, rather, he reshapes the vulva in a way that allows underlying clitoral tissue to come forward.
Is foreskin reconstruction any more possible than clitoral?
Foreskin is just skin - it's the equivalent of a clit hood. Sacha has found a foreskin restoration "expert" on this very site. His contraption looks positively medieval.
This is a a scam that may just be one of the most cruel I've come across. These women were mutilated, they can never have sex without pain, and I'm sure psychological trauma as well, and now people want to take their money to give them false hope of repairing the damage. It makes me nauseous.

Foreskin reconstruction is very possible through surgery. Clitoris restoration is aesthetics only, although I doubt it looks quite the same. They can't bring the sensation back.

The "foreskin restoration" contraption not only looks painful to use, but I think that using a non-sterile, non medical, non safety-tested, not approved by any organization, and with the ability for serious injury it is extremely ill advised. Plus the person promoting it is not someone I would trust even for benign products.
The men who see using the contraption as a good idea may just fit into the same category as those who insert fireworks in their anus. It is not many rungs down on the idiocy ladder.
Sounds like an interesting drink...
Interview with Dr. Foldès. Of course he gets death threats. Do you need to ask? Apparently, mutilation is also quite a lucrative cottage industry -

Afrik: Do you have an idea of those who have threatened you?

Pierre Foldès: The recent media coverage of this constructive surgery has attracted further death threats in recent days. They come from those who believe that I am tampering with their traditions. But I think they are mostly the work of those who need to make sure that the practice is not stopped. Female circumcision or excision in France can cost up to 1,000 euros. In Africa, it ranges between 70 and 1000 euros. There is a lot of money at stake.
And so it crumbles. The wheels are falling off the Clitoraid wagon -

Good Vibrations And The Clitoris Saving Alien Cult

Clitoraid's public statement in the aftermath says outright that opposition to Clitoraid is a show in support of FGM; Clitoraid stated that accusations of cultural insensitivity toward the Raelien organization were one and the same as showing support for "slave owners or Nazis."

"Slave owners in the American South thought Northerners were insensitive to their needs," [Clitoraid representative Nadine] Gary said. "And it wasn't considered polite in Nazi Germany to ask what was happening to the Jews. Both situations demanded blunt, effective, immediate opposition, not sensitivity toward the perpetrators and their supporters."

Those wacky Raelians.
Those wacky Raelians.

That's both weird and funny. Around 1980, when I considered pursuing a novelist career, I sketched the story of a mock religion whose members become gradually more involved and serious about what was originally no more than a spoof. Then I learned about Raëlism and I just can't distance myself from the idea that's basically how it started.

The fact that both free sex and an alien creator race were prominent features of my fictional religion makes the coincidence kind of eerie (although these features were actually inspired by my reading of Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land)
Yes. If you follow the articles, Dr. Pierre Foldès has already been running programs through existing aid channels for 25 years. This is a fraud that is worse than merely monetary - the Raelians have delusions of an African clit resort/hospital/temple that is also a monument to the greatness of their cult. The humanitarian aspect is just good PR.


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