Graham Land makes a good point that many people worry about the alleged Dec 2012 Mayan prediction, while ignoring science-based projections of climate crisis.

Climate change: What about the real apocalypse?

Since when did Mayan beliefs get such global credibility, anyway? According to a recent Reuters poll, 10% globally are experiencing “fear or anxiety” regarding the end of the world in 2012. What’s more is that the Mayans apparently aren’t even predicting an apocalypse. One Pakistani journalist went to interview a Mayan shaman in Mexico. Here is some of what he had to say on the “apocalypse”:

"Well my dear child, this is the maligning of our culture and heritage at the hands of money hungry and greedy con artists who have no strong backing or evidence about the statements they are making. They have twisted our words and gone out there into the world to make fools out of everyone. They have accumulated immense wealth by making movies and writing books, blaming the entire doomsday idea on us poor villagers. What saddens me is how the world and its intelligent, educated people have fallen right into their trap, spreading this nonsense further, while we Mayans out here in Mexico keep meeting tourists, volunteers and socials workers and find that it is our duty to let them know that we never, ever once said the world is going to end on December 2012."

It’s also enough to make any optimist a bit cynical when the Earth is faced with environmental catastrophes such as unprecedented pollution, biodiversity crises, water shortages, climate change – just pick one of the others if you don’t believe in climate change – and people prefer to pay more attention to a bastardization of a myth attributed to Mayans.

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What floors me is this: the people who are claiming that the Mayan calendar is an indicator of the end of the world are little different from those who say that Jebus is coming back soon, using their bible as a referent.  Now tell me this:

Why Is It that people who lived centuries if not millennia ago, ignorant of physics and astronomy as we know them now, are supposed to know more about the happenings and dynamics of our world than we do right now?

I would REALLY like to know.

LOL Loren, of course their answer always is something like: "Because it is written from our omniscient God who knows everything and confounded the universe so man cannot ever know what it knows."  

Yes, the question should be rephrased as:

Why would a super-intelligent, omnipotent, omniscient deity choose low intelligent, unknowledgeable scribes to record it's messages when it knows (due to this omniscience) that more intelligent with more accurate recording techniques will be only a mere millenium away. 

It evidently couldn't wait, leaving an extremely poor, unverifiable piece of junk that was hardly worth the effort of having it's messages recorded.

Proving that it was definitely not omniscient, but a creation of those naive scribes.

We can be condemned by the bad choices we make, the Bible God can thus be condemned for making extremely poor choices in followers, tactics and extremely poor displays of ethics.

So, in the name of truth, ethics and humanity, we must openly condemn the Bible God!

Aye M8! 

I've heard a lot of crap about the poles shifting, tomorrow, and that causing worldwide catastrophe.  Of course it's ridiculous.  With any brief glance at geomagnetic reversal, outside of an hysterical end-of-times publication, you'll rapidly notice that it takes several thousand years for the poles to shift.


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