I have something that is bothering me and I hope someone can give me some wise advice on how to handle it.

            I am married to a wonderful woman who is a Christian.  She has a 11 year old daughter who has been my step daughter for a few years now.  She is going into Jr. High and my wife did not want her to go to the public school (she heard bad things about it so I just went along) and wanted her to go to a private school.  My wife told me great things about this school but when I heard it was a christian school I was concerned it might be anti-science.  I talked to the principle and she assured me that it was not and I had nothing to worry about.  I told her I grew up in secular/public schools and never was taught anything about evolution and I don't want that to happen to my kid.  The principle told me she can't stand Christians that are anti-science.  Well I was relieved and I gave my full support.  Well the other day my kid comes home with her history book and I read through it.  I barely could hold back my anger!  It began with a global flood and also said that evolution is false and that everyone who believes in it only does so because they don't want to believe in the bible!  Now I studied history in college so I think I know at least a little of what has happened around the world and I was so disgusted with how it treated topics on Buddhism, Chinese history, Crusades etc.  On both Buddhism and Chinese history it would have a fairly ok presentation but at the end it always had to insult it and make it look stupid.  I mean money is leaving the household to support this and brainwash my kid!  So I went to the parent/teacher conference that all parents go to but this time I actually had something to say.  After hearing the teacher praise this book she is using I could not hold back.  I told her I had serious issues with it.  I said I know this is a private school so you can teach anything you want and get away with it.  She said the book is a little on the harsh side but said this is a creationist school.  She also said there is a kid in class who accepts evolution and that my daughter even stood up against the evolutionist in class!  I am so disturbed over this.  I have no support from my wife and my kid doesnt know any better to understand what is happening.  I told my wife that if she is not going to get a proper education on evolution then I will have to teach her myself.  I am not trying to convert her I just want her to have the right information so later she can make up her own opinion.  I got in touch with the public school science teacher that she could of had and he said he will help me anyway he can.  Anybody else go through this?  I am alone in the family on this matter hence the title of this discussion.

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