Julius Caesar (1970), directed by Stuart Burge

I watched this last weekend. It was not bad, certainly not as bad as some, but not nearly as good as the Julius Caesar with Marlon Brando. Charlton Heston was cast as Marc Antony, and I think he was much too old for the part. Heston is one of my least favorite persons in the world. I’ve just never liked him at all, and he has always come across as very full of himself. Plus, you saw way too much of his nearly naked body in this movie!

Jason Robards was just dreadful as Brutus though. I liked Robards in Something Wicked This Way Comes, which is a delightful little film, and he did well in that part. But I think he was miscast as Brutus. He was just way too stony-faced and reserved for Shakespeare.

John Gielgud was fine as Caesar, and of course he was in the 1953 version with Marlon Brando, in which he played Cassius.

If you’ve not seen Julius Caesar, I’d recommend the Brando version, but if you just want to see this production, I don’t think you’ll be miserable watching it.

Here is a 1950 version with Charlton Heston as Marc Antony as well, though I’ve not seen it.

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Something I just noticed: Look at the man in black just over Heston's left shoulder, or the 2 o'clock position looking at the pic. Does he have a cigarette in his mouth?
I simply refuse to see anything with Charleston Heston in it--as a matter of principle.
Hehe, I understand. Like I said, he's not my fav, though I will watch Planet of the Apes from time to time.


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