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    I am new to this site. I left my church and god a month ago and have been alone ever since. All of my so called church friends have dumped me since I am no longer a believer. I live alone and don't work so I have few to no friends. Any new friendships greatly appreciated.

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I'm here for you!

You have many friends on the site. : )

I'll be your friend! Being Atheist is hard. Today is my first day on the site. Shoot me a message I guess


i am here for you call me anytime

i am going through the exact same thing..i have no so called family has turned their backs on me..i have no job,no income coming in of any kind,been selling my stuff just to barely make it ...and my fience died in july so i am all alone...look forward to hearing from you...i too would appreciate a friend


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