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In my job I occasionally have to respond to call center forms documenting mis-shipments, missing parts, overages, etc. So, often I end up doing some kind of investigation. One of the forms I got last night stated that somebody would need to "inertigate" the issue.

I'm thinking if I procrastinate enough I will have reached the inert state desired.

Do you have anything similar? Instead of correcting the hoi polloi, let's celebrate the uniqueness.

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Pubic/Public is one of my favorite typos.
I've seen a funny one just yesterday here on A|N: "evolution is widely excepted". More a slip than a typo, but it made me smile.
Hopefully it's just a slip. Sadly, the misspelling of "accept" as "except" is not that uncommon.
There's a word for this kind of slip... I saw it somewhere - malaproprism perhaps? I thought it was here ( but looks like I erred again. Steve Delaney is the master of these have a larf here:
Too funny. This is off topic, but here is my favorite beach sign.

You should post that in the Completely Irrelevant Images Thread. I'd do it myself, but I'd somehow feel like I'd be stealing.
In the same vein, a French minister (Roselyne Bachelot) allegedly declared: "Je suis pour l'égalité des sexes et je prendrai des mesures." ("I'm for sex equality, and I'll take measures" - which can also be understood as "I'll measure them myself").
That's another job I might not mind so much.
I want a job where I can inertigate issues. It's easy to take a position on being inert.
I think the Government has an Office of Inertigation squirreled away somewhere in its bureaucracy.
That's the gubbiment job for me!
Once when I was proofreading my mother's resume, I found that she had typed "I have sex years experience". We laughed about that for years.


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