It can be pretty funny when people screw up in speech or writing. Misunderestimating is one of those words that will be go down in the history books, never to be forgotten. (I will admit that I don’t know if misunderestimating originated as a joke or as an actual error of speech, though I suspect the latter.)

Sometimes word combinations or apparent errors are nothing more than deliberate forms of hyperbole, or an attempt to play with language: fantabulous, from fantastic + fabulous, or ginormous, from gigantic + enormous, or manifestiny, from manifest + destiny. Those don’t bother me at all if used as they were intended.

Some errors can just be obnoxious though. Conversated comes to mind, as in “I conversated with her last night about that.” Ughh, that makes my skin crawl.

What other interesting, funny, or obnoxious errors have you come across? I don’t mean common errors, such as acrosst or nucular, but errors that are really unique, and stand out in some way.

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I like that as well. Rather clever.
LOL! That's great! Best new coinage! Living in Taiwan (which has a Chinese culture) I see that all the time.... I'm stealing that one.
"For all intensive purposes" seems quite common.
I've never seen anyone use that, but I have heard of that phrase being misunderstood. You can understand how that might happen, if a person had only heard the phrase, but had never seen it in writing. It is a funny mistake though.


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