Do you like that Penn Jilette is a well-known libertarian atheist? Do you agree with his viewpoints? I seem to like them.

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I really like them both!

Do you have Jilette's book?

I was going to say I read God, No! You read my mind. lol

I find him pretty entertaining, but he plays up the shock value which I'm sure puts some people off.

Big Penn & Teller fan here. I especially like their Fool Us series.

I love Penn! I've been listening to him a lot lately. Although his Penn Point videos are kind of annoying with all of the ads and constant camera switching.  Penn is a very gracious and thoughtful guy.

I am definitely a fan. I liked him as a child and in the last five years have explored his more activist stances and causes. There is probably no one  I have ever heard speak, privately or publicly, whose views on religion and politics line up so closely with my own (besides Doug Stanhope). I have had the opportunity to meet him twice; once at TAM, where he stood 10 feet away in street clothes and hair flying, and once at the Big Penn & Teller Show. I balked because I am cripplingly shy when it comes to meeting people and meeting my idols would just exacerbate it tenfold. I also have a fear that the real person will not live up to my notion of them. Besides, he is a f'ing giant and I am a tiny little man.

I'm quite a fan of the "Bullshit!" show. YouTube has many episodes online, I think it's a clever and insightful show. Even with the shock value, they still make sensible points. 

penn also has a podcast called penn's sunday school. Not as polished as most of his stuff, but another hour or so each week for the penn fans! i think there may be some episodes on youtube as well.


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