I didn't want to hijack anyone else's thread.

I thought this had some value, and made me think.

Penn Says: George Carlin & Fred Phelps

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This is a more emotional of the Penn Says I've seen. George Carlin was amazing. His blasphemy was some of the first I heard and put little pinholes in my faith years before I left it.
I've gone back to George Carlin's video on religion several times when I need my battery recharged. I remember falling in love with his @#$% you attitude way back as a child when he first came out with his "7 words you can't say on TV".

You gotta love him.
Just last night I watched a 2004 movie where George Carlin played Ben Affleck's dad. 'Jersey Girl' - good movie all around, I recommend it. He had so many good lines that seem even more poignant now that he's gone.

I wonder what Penn's humorous take would be on the whole situation if he knew Nathan was a fan of Carlin? I think he could make a whole new video on that and highlight the humorous side of it, enjoying the irony. I already love the big guy and his silent partner before, but his skepticism puts him right up there on my hero shelf, along with Carlin and people like Nathan.


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