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I didn't watch the vid (used up all this months bandwidth on pr0n), and correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume you are thinking of TVP - textured vegetable protein, a processed soy protein product. This is a mainstay of Asian vegetarian restaurants, and should be freely available in Asian groceries and, again, health nut shops (find a hippy).

While it doesn't exactly set my tastebuds on fire, it is quite edible - especially amenable to Asiatic kitchen tricks. I could never understand though, why would vegetarians want a product that imitates meat ? Isn't that the reason you gave up meat ?

Footnote - the vegetarian "bacon" at your supermarket is TVP.
It's an I Love Lucy episode; the one where she gets drunk on Vitameatavegamin.
The meatavega thing got me - I seem to remember lots of TVP jokes from way back when I was a kid. Wrong guess then.


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