I bookmarked this nearly 3 weeks ago, but just now got around to reading it. BTW, I always wash my hands after handling eggs, and I try to cook then thoroughly, though they are best when a little runny, I think. I don't think I've ever made myself sick at home, though I have gotten food poisoning from eating out. BTW, tuna is healthy if it is fresh and clean. But in today's world, tuna has been found to be very high in mercury. Also, one of the challenges of washing food is that water can often make certain produce, like fresh spinach and raspberries, less presentable.- DG

Dangerous foods list includes leafy greens, eggs, tuna

Leafy greens -- including lettuce and spinach -- top the list of the 10 riskiest foods, according to a study from a nutrition advocacy group released Tuesday.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest listed the following foods, in descending order, as the most risky in terms of outbreaks: leafy greens, eggs, tuna, oysters, potatoes, cheese, ice cream, tomatoes, sprouts and berries.

The scientists rated these foods, all of them regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, by the number of outbreaks associated with them since 1990, and also provided the number of recorded illnesses.

The severity of the illnesses ranged from minor stomach aches to death, the center said. With leafy greens such as lettuce, the top cause of illness were pathogens like E. coli, Norovirus and Salmonella in foods that were not properly washed.

Read the rest here.

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I guess the results of this study only apply to the States (?)
Yes, I think so.
And for this reason alone I try to eat local so I'll know who to sue if I get sick lol. But seriously great read and great advice.


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