Does anyone have any experience to share on appetite suppressants? I find I have such a difficult time of controlling my appetite. Taking psyllium husk pills doesn't seem to work for me, as far as controlling my hunger. However, I'm not easily seduced by diet pills and miracle drugs. I would be curious to know if anyone here has any advice to share.

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getting the flu sure suppressed my appetite, though there are some side effects you may not want to have to deal with :)

personally the thing I do to control my appetite is to eat things that are extremely bulky and filling: whole grain foods, vegetables, that sort of thing. these sorts of things don't work perfectly as appetite suppressants, but they're pretty healthy anyways, so no worries
Yeah, I'll pass on the flu idea. :p

Psyllium husks are supposed to help bulk you up too, and therefore supress your appetite, but I don't think that work all that well as an AS for me. Unfotrunately, I seem to be allergic to gluten and other grains, so I don't eat wheat, oats, etc, any longer. And I think that is part of the problem. Breads are very satisfying and filling for me, but I can't eat them now.
Yeah I can think of some illnesses that made my mouth or stomach have searing pain if I ate anything but mashed potatoes. Very annoying, but they did get me eating less.
Have you tried grazing? Basically eating every couple of hours (just smaller portions)?
Hehe, yeah, that's kind of the problem. :) I don't want to stop! Every couple of hours? Try about every 45 minutes. I just don't stay full for long.
Basically eating every couple of hours (just smaller portions)?

I've always been told this was just as unhealthy as a 'Super Size Me' diet can be. No more than three meals a day with a regular schedule, and nothing in between, period. Your stomach and intestines need the regularity and the long pauses to digest properly.
I've heard the opposite. Of course, that's the problem with studies. You can fine one that promotes an idea, and one that condemns it. Hard to know what to believe. In many ways, I think it would depend on the individual's body.
After my mother's fourth child she gained a lot of weight. I step-father got her some (probably illegal) Black Mollies--I think that was the name. She lost the weight but has never been able to keep it off. She she yo-yoed ever since (the last 30 years).

I don't eat poorly. I cook a lot of my own meals, and I eat fresh veggies, black-eyed peas, sweet potatoes, etc., but in between meals I crave, crave, crave, and end up eating chocolate or ice cream, etc.
There are some forms of legal amphetamines still used by doctors, though in my experience they're used to treat sleeping disorders. A few years ago I went to a sleep center and chatted with the doctors there about some severe drowsiness that didn't seem to have anything to do with how much sleep i got. I even passed out while driving a few times, totaling my car once. I feel asleep in classes, standing up at work, driving, etc. - and all after getting 7-8 hours of solid sleep. To help combat what was looking to them like narcolepsy, they gave me a bottle of what was essentially prescription amphetamines. I was supposed to take one about 20 minutes before i did something i had to be awake for. I remember downing one shortly before attending a lit class in my junior year of college. It was certainly memorable. I never did finish the bottle, hated having to rely on being jacked-up like that just to stay awake. It was a hell of a high though.
For me, it's hot tea (even in the summer). I understand that if you don't like tea it won't work very well, but I like to find new varieties, sweetened either with Splenda (yes i know ... and i willingly take the risk) or not at all. It gives me something to do with my mouth and unless you get a fruit variety or something with chocolate or caramel in it, it holds zero calories. Tea is also full of antioxidants and has enough caffeine to give me a boost when i wake up.

It's not food related, but to curb my habit of eating when i'm bored, I've started using random acts of personal hygiene. I'm an obsessively clean person to start with, and i enjoy self-maintenance, so if i start feeling peckish (but not legitimately hungry) I'll go paint my nails, or brush my teeth (again), shave something, exfoliate, etc. SOMEthing to keep my hands busy and away from snacky foods. It seems to work pretty well, more like positive reinforcement than punishment.
They fall into three categories - 1) they wind up causing horrendous heart/lung/intestinal problems, 2) are illegal, or 3) don't work.

Of course, this is an anecdotal opinion. :)


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