That's my grocery bill for all of 2010. I decided last year that I wanted to finally get a grasp on exactly how much money I spent on food, so I kept a tally of all my grocery expenses.


This total does not include restaurant or convience store expenses. Though for 2011 I think I'll keep track of everything, and perhaps seperately too, so that I can see how much I spend on groceries compared to how much I spend on eating out.


Anyone else here keep track of their expenses in this way, or have any idea how much they spend on food?


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I have been on a budget for a long time. My weekly allowance for groceries has been $200, but that includes household supplies like cleaners, paper products, etc. That amount was for feeding 7 people. In 2011 I will be feeding 6 people and have less income so the new allowance will be $180.


Does your figure only include food?

Seven people on $200 a week? How in the world do you do that? I'm only feeding one, and mine turns out to be about $104 a week.


Yes, that total would include everything I buy at the grocery, including TP, cleaners, and on occassion, some wine, etc. But as far as cleaners go, it takes me a long time to get through a single bottle of cleaner.


Last year, just out of curiosity, I started writing the date on the items I bought just to see how long I had them before I either used them, or ran out of them. So I would date any canned goods, and that way I knew how long they stayed in the cabinet before I use them. Also, I dated my shaving cream. The bottle I have now, which is just about out, I've had since April. So I use a little more than 1 bottle a year (and I'm not even trying to be frugal with it).


I don't really budget my money. I buy what I want and need, but I am moderately frugal, and I do use coupons when I have them.


I think for 2011 I will keep track of all expenses: grocery, gas, restaurants, etc., just to get an understanding of what I spend.

How do I feed 7 people on $200 a week? For one thing, it may be that food prices are a little lower in northern Indiana than in Dallas, Texas. However, I am careful about what I buy. I buy very little in the way of premade items. I stick to basic ingredients and make everything from scratch. Also, about half of our meals are vegetarian--meat is expensive. Finally, we hardly waste anything; we always eat any leftovers. Oh and I don't use coupons, there are rarely any that I find useful since I buy basic ingredients and mostly generic. I do the bulk of my shopping at Aldi, a low price grocery store. Yet we eat well. No one has any complaints anyway. They all say that my cooking is better than anything they have had elsewhere (I try not to get an inflated ego, lol).


We go through cleaners much faster than you, I am sure. A house full of people requires a lot of cleaning. Although I do tend to dilute a lot of things and they work just as well.


It's funny that you brought up this topic. I recently designed a budget worksheet on Microsoft Excel to use in 2011. I plan on keeping track of everything as well.

I would think that buying food for a group of people is cheaper per person than buying single servings, but I don't always buy single servings; sometimes I cook enough for several days.
I don't buy single serving anything.

Great idea, I think I will start this for 2012. I don't 'overuse' cleaning products, I try to clean as much as I can with water and regular dish soap - and elbow grease.

I do have a vegie garden but of course am limited to what I can grow in the winter, though this winter has caught me off guard, the weather here in Seguin Tx has been quite temperate for this time of year.

Can't wait to meet back here next year with results, I am only buying for 2 and we don't eat out often, if we do it is usually subway because we can't stomach much else.

I agree with Dejah, meat is getting so expensive and though I do love vegetables and eat a lot of them, I cannot give up my meat completely, though I am very picky about what meat I buy.


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