This is a thread where you can post videos against bullying, about bullying, news videos, etc. This first one is not easy to watch.


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Watch as Democrat Senator, Gretchen Whitmer speaks out AGAINST the bill being passed.

"If you're hassled in school for being a geek, or gay, remember -- in a few years, you'll inherit the earth."


This is a segment from an episode of ABC's "What Would You Do". It aired on October 29th, 2010 and focuses on gay bullying. Upon watching, you'll see that I am in fact one of the actors involved. I am portraying one of the 'bullies'. This video is in no way owned by me. The only work I contributed to it was that of being an actor. It is owned by ABC. The clip of the episode itself was posted by YouTube user 'Sharing = Caring'. I hope you enjoy it! Also, remember to watch "What Would You Do", Friday nights at 9pm, only on ABC.



Lots of videos here - I will watch them. Thanks!


Moving this one here so I can put a new vid on the homepage.


Make It Stop (September's Children)- Rise Against
Good song about three gay bully victims, features videos from the It Gets Better project. Great song :)

Check out stop bullying. gov site.

This article suggests pressuring the school.

So Your Child’s Being Bullied. What Can You Do About It?


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