Bill would hinder animal-rights activists' attempts to outlaw cages

ATLANTA -- Cities and counties would be prohibited from regulating the production of agricultural products produced on parcels of 5 acres or greater under legislation introduced Tuesday.

Rep. Tom McCall, R-Elberton, said he introduced House Bill 529 to forestall a movement that began in California to prohibit confinement of animals, such as chickens, hogs and calves used in veal.

Asked if he was prompted by a specific incident, McCall said, "If you look at what California did with Proposition 2 and the problems that has caused out there, maybe yes."

Rep. Terry England, R-Auburn, is a cosponsor of HB 529.

"Basically, we're saying that local government can't come in and say you can't farm if you have (more) than 5 acres," England said. "California has been doing some crazy things similar to that."

California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 2 in November which opponents predict will raise food prices and prompt every egg producer to leave the state. Georgia is among the top states in egg production and is No. 1 in broilers.

McCall's bill, pending in the House Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee he chairs, would force animal-rights advocates to convince the General Assembly for a statewide prohibition against caging food animals rather than passing ordinances in sympathetic cities or counties around the state. Animal-

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Yes, but the Amish run tons of puppymills. Search for Amish Puppymill (or puppy mills) on
There are no Amish where I live... and I doubt their chickens, etc. are being packaged and sold in the stores.
Dallas is right... they run tons of puppy-mills, and Oprah did a couple specials on it, and there's also an HSUS group that goes to the Amish several times a year to "recover" the dogs too old to produce and try to convince them to give up more of the ones that appear sick, or injured.

I buy my eggs from locals who have chickens for yard birds... but even some of them feed their chickens a medicated feed... so, what goes in, goes out... so to speak... I don't know what the right answer is... I try not to eat meat, which includes tuna... as I don't agree with tuna fishing practices that still are killing a lot of dolphins.
Cool you can get your eggs that way. Good idea on the tuna, too. See this story.
I don't know how it is in other areas but we have specialty stores that only sell organic locally grown food. It's popular enough to have been invading the regular grocery stores.


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