I made the decision last winter that I was somehow going to leave sticky, sluggish, Windows & Microsoft to their viruses, spyware, or whatever else turns them on for charging us more to get rid of, or protect against these things. Effective or not, I did not like being told I have to buy this, buy that, upgrade this & that, & every year as well.

I have Windows 7 home edition on the desktop & the netbook, & do not/did not want to go to Windows 8. I did find a refurbished Macbook on ebay which I did purchase last new year, but found I could not update, so sent it back. I could not afford anything newer.

Loren put me onto the name Ubuntu, so I began researching several months ago & found lots of open operating systems but Ubuntu seemed the most popular.  I heard that support for Windows 7 was running out in January/15, but a subscription could be purchased yearly to get support for 5 more years. Right then & there the decision was made.....Mr. Gates may go to the poorhouse over it, but he gets no more of my pension money!

I tried to download & install Ubuntu on the netbook to give it a try, but it didn't install properly & wouldn't work at all so began to look on ebay again for a refurbished machine with the Ubuntu preloaded. I found this refurbished Vaio 15" laptop with a very good, & large battery, for $75. It is a nice light gray so I don't have to battle with seeing against so much black all the time. It's somewhat lighter than the photo. All in all it's a beautiful laptop.

Received it on Friday, started it up & the ebay fellow had added a cheat sheet to get me started with name, password, a diagram explaining the Dock, etc. This computer does not have a mark on it & if I didn't know it, I would take it for brand new. Methinks I made a very good deal.

First thing I do with any new pc, is menu snoop through everything clickable, & explore until I sort of understand what is what for the simple parts. I got my name & password changed, & then added my key to the WIFI. After that I just kept poking for settings & doing what I was able to, & was up & running in about an hour on Friday. I got the email set up & this program has Thunderbird for it's email program, which is quite easy to get around. I then imported my other secondary address, which is not any of the hotmail ones I also used, as hotmail is Microsoft. The pages resemble the Mac more than Windows & the "X'es" are in the upper left. This is a simple thing but it takes some getting used to.

I've played a cd, but haven't yet found how to play a dvd. I can change the wallpaper, but this doesn't appear to have a screensaver program, & I loooooove screensavers! I have my pictures & books transferred over via flash drive, & my music will be next. For some reason I have to do other interrupting things around the house.....damn chores!

This has Firefox, I am online with everything I need, A/N, my shopping sites, my books, & my scrabble solitaire. I've figured out how to post pictures & save them too. I still need get my public library site set up so I can borrow the books with my card number.

So far, this Ubuntu has been fairly easy although different to what I'm used to.  It's fast, smooth, clean, clear, responsive, & I'm having a great time! Once I'm a little more comfortable with what I'm doing, I'll download Ubuntu onto a flash drive & install it on my desktop. If that isn't successful, then I'll get the tech in town to do it for me. My desktop is a nice unit, & am not going to give it up because of being fed up with Microsoft products.

Some things still require Windows, but I am now re-examining just how much I want/need whatever it is. As a for instance......I have the Kobo Glo ereader, & it requires Windows or Mac to transfer books to it because it's not compitable with Ubuntu. This will make me give up the ereader.......or I do it through the little android I have in my purse. I added Kobo to it last night so all my Kobo books are easily available without Windows.

I can't claim ''nerd'' status, but so far I'm learning things fairly easily & the help button is right there. I received a book today as well, so feel I'm covered pretty well for the time being.

Life without Microsoft will be just fine!

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Got all my music transferred today, so that's all the big stuff.

There are 200 screen savers in the download I got, & 50 or so are not bad so chose those to cycle & I don't have to manually change them. Too bad I can't use the 4 I purchased, which are gorgeous whales, dolphins, aquarium, koi pond, & galaxies. Oh well, can't have everything.

Music is transferred & I was able to change the sounds for incoming email.

Finally figured out how to get shortcuts placed on the desktop for my most visited sites!

In just over a week, I'm doing almost everything I was doing on Windows.

Honestly, Patricia, I can't say that I'm surprised.  Your willingness to explore and experiment is what enabled you to learn all this neat new stuff.  I have no doubt that you'll learn other interesting features of the O/S as you continue to use it.


Having a great time with this Loren! I'm also damn nosey so have to look at stuff to see what it's for or where it goes, etc.

I even managed to get my pc Kindle books although I couldn't download the actual reader program. I can read them from the "cloud".

I just don't know yet if I can transfer the Kobo books to the Kobo reader because it runs on Windows/Mac/Android. I have a small android in my purse where I can get my books, but as for transferring them to the Kobo reader?????......dunno yet.......too busy on the laptop.

I can't get the library's reading program either, but they have a new thing to borrow & read online so am trying to figure out how that works. Lots to learn......

Patricia, you're almost my age, but much more ambitious than me about reading & learning, especially computer knowledge.

I was that way when I was in my 40's, and bought my first computer.  It was a $100 Texas Instruments TI-99/4A.  I learned just about everything there was to know about that sucker!

I learned to program in Basic and wrote several useful programs, including one that would read text out loud. and a speaking alarm clock.  I was also very active in a computer group for that machine.

As I've gotten older, I've gotten more and more lazy about learning all about a new computer or program.  I think it would be different if I wasn't alone.

I don't get that complicated. I like music, concert dvd's, reading books, collecting screen savers, wallpapers, making greeting cards, taking photos/videos, emailing, A/N, YouTube, etc.

I don't have any handy nerds nearby so have to learn by asking online or getting the dummies books.....whatever helps if needed. I am somewhat disabled so this is my ''activity'' when not doing the household stuff.

The biggest thing I can't solve right now is the updater says there's an upgrade available, but I can't get it. A little window comes up saying ''failed to fetch'' & ''may be a network problem." I have no idea what to do there & all the nerd/greek/tech stuff I find on the Ubuntu site means nothing to me because it's not plain language.

If you'd like a guide to further Ubuntu functionality, Patricia, you might give a look at Ubuntu for Dummies ... though you're doing wonderfully well on your own!

Thanks Loren, & I'm still going to get one, but as I bought a jacket & a food processor, as well as the laptop this pension month, it'll have to wait until next month.

I started pc in 2001 at age 54. My husband won a small 50/50 draw for retirees from his job & purchased a clothes dryer, & a used Windows 95 desktop computer. I had never even been near a computer, let alone touched one. 3 months later, because of the way I progressed, he bought another used pc with Windows 98, & shortly after that, progressed to ME, which was the most horrible system ever! Then it was a used 98 second edition, to a new XP, & a new Windows 7 home edition for my 63rd birthday, which is where I am until last week when I got Ubuntu.

My kids are not computer buffs but 2 of them have since learned some basics, so I couldn't rely on them even if they did live here in town. It's the other way around now, they ask me! My eldest son doesn't own one at all, & wouldn't own a cell phone either but he has to have one for work. He's the one who should have been born in the 1800's.

I got my digital camera to be recognized on here, & posted a photo I took today on the gardening page. It took a little figuring & lots of cursing to figure out how to get the photo into the pictures folder, but it finally got there.

My little video cam doesn't get recognized at all, & searching around for an answer doesn't seem to show anything. I have a FLIP, which I suspect is strictly a Windows type.

I lied.....I just got the video cam working on here......YAAAAAY!!!!!

Patricia, there you go again, talking computer geek stuff. Way over my head. I am so impressed with your ability to figure all this out by yourself, a wee bits of help from others. 

Love your purple cat! You are so clever!


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