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JK Rowling launches Pottermore website
Harry Potter fans have the promise of more wizarding adventures after JK Rowling launched a mysterious website called 'Pottermore'.

The project was unveiled when Rowling set fans a series of clues, asking them to enter 10 sets of coordinates into a site called secretstreetview.com. A letter could be found at each location, spelling out the Pottermore name.

The website bears Rowling's signature and the message: "Coming soon..."

Her lawyer, Neil Blair, refused to reveal what the website would contain, saying only: "This is not a new Harry Potter book."

It is rumoured that the interactive site will be a meeting place for fans offering games, a Harry Potter encyclopaedia, readings by Stephen Fry and competitions. Fans will also be able to buy the books.

Potter fansite The Leaky Cauldron has been granted a sneak preview of the content and described it as "one of the most amazing, engaging and breathtaking additions to this fandom imaginable".

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I love Harry Potter!  That site sounds cool.  I will have to visit that website.

So do I. I haven't been there yet myself. Been kind of busy, but work probably has it blocked anyhow. Thanks for the friendship add.

You're welcome!  Hope you're having a nice day!  : )  Cant' wait for the movie to come out on July 15th.
Yeah, I never actually go to the movies anymore, but I did just get to see the first part on DVD from the library. I had to wait like 3 months for it. Man, they cut so much, but I knew they were going to have to. I was disappointed with two things: how they did the Petronis at the wedding, and the scene in Godrick's Hollow with Nagini. I though both could have been more powerful scenes and they really disappointed. Anyhow, I was happier with it overall than I was with The Half-blood Prince, which I think was the most disappointing of all of them.
Yes, I agree.  They did cut too much from the books to make the movies.  I think with The Half-Blood Prince movie they had too much "creative" license and did not follow the book as they were supposed to.  They cut too much of Snape from all the movies (except for the first movie).  OH well -- I still am looking forward to seeing it anyway.  Hope Snape has a larger part in this one.

they had too much "creative" license and did not follow the book as they were supposed to. 


I think you're absolutely right.


Hope Snape has a larger part in this one.


I kind of doubt it, since he was virtually absent from the book to begin with. That is one thing I disliked about the last book. We didn't get to see much of Nevil, Prof Mcgonagall, etc.


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