There are Virtual box images floating around. I got mine from here. Login is the first peeve I have - it uses your Gmail account as authentication. Why does Google need to know that you've logged in? And how do you use it offline? There is a root account in the VM as well - user/pw are both "chronos", which is also the pw for sudo.

The desktop ? There isn't one. The whole thing is a Google Chrome browser shell. The login dumps you into a standard Chrome welcome tab. Next to it is as close as you get to a Chromium OS GUI -

You can access the file system by simply going to "/" in the address bar -

Standard linux stuff. Pretty exciting huh? It's Debian if you care. Here's the architecture overview.

There is a bash shell you can access by clicking the address line and hitting ctrl+alt+T. No idea how to re-launch the GUI from there though.

Looks pretty thin, but that's the whole point. It's for the ultralight netbook market, and I can see it being pretty nifty for it, if you just want a bullshit free mobile 'net tool.

It's a very early beta. I know gnome-screenshot crashes each VM session. Also, there's no way to shutdown or logout at present. If you want to do it cleanly, drop out to the bash shell and use the shutdown command. I'm sure there are lots of other tricks, but doco is very scarce.

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