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Picture yourself spending some time with congenial friends, sharing your lives and pictures from your cell phones." They're curious about that cool game, song, movie, camping trip, art show, or other event that fascinated you. You talk about all kinds of stuff, poetry, styles, personal achievements, relationships, and bad days. You can share your inner child, and laugh together. They sympathetically listen to your feelings about serious topics like politics or climate change, even when they don't agree.

Personal validation comes from paying attention to one another, giving more than you get. Everyone respects you and themselves, despite our amazing range of personal tastes and interests. They'll tell you they don't agree with an idea or behavior without implying you're a bad person or somehow deficient. It's an "I'm OK, You're OK" kind of fellowship, where nobody tries to make himself look better by picking on somebody else.

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blu (TheraminTrees)

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Loren Miller on Friday. 5 Replies

After what has seemed like a very long hiatus, TheraminTrees is BACK.  No great surprise, not only hasn't he lost a step, he may actually have gained a few!  That said, may I present:bluContinue

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Don't leave your keys on your desk: company copies keys from photos for $6

Started by Grinning Cat. Last reply by Grinning Cat Sep 23. 8 Replies

"Keys Duplicated" will make a copy of your house key from smartphone photos, for anyone with a credit card.…Continue

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Optical Illusions

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner. Last reply by sk8eycat Sep 22. 64 Replies

This one seems a bit creepy, like the middle one shouldn't be able to change rotation like that. from Cheezburger.comContinue

Ebola Drug From BC

Started by Patricia. Last reply by Ruth Anthony-Gardner Sep 20. 1 Reply

Ebola drug fast tracked.....'s Tekmira gets FDA approval to fast track Ebola drugContinue

Ebola Researcher from BC

Started by Patricia. Last reply by Ruth Anthony-Gardner Sep 20. 2 Replies

From our news......Young scientist garnering international attention for Ebola research…Continue

Ozone Recovering?

Started by Patricia Sep 11. 0 Replies Following a harrowing depletion in recent decades, Earth's protective ozone layer, high in the planet's atmosphere, is on the track to recovery, according to a new report released today…Continue

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Comment by booklover on September 5, 2013 at 8:34am

That sucks Patricia!  Glad your husband is okay!  Today will be better hopefully!!

Grinning Cat, love the kale joke! :)  That's how my son feels about spiders.

My son had his first panic-attack yesterday!  My sister and mom said "Great!!!  He was the ONLY one of us who we thought didn't have anxiety problems." Ugh!  Poor guy!

It's overcast here and cool.  I love it!  Today is bank/mailbox/grocery shopping day here.  My son and some friends are going to a really popular apple orchard near here that has tons of things including the most wonderful apple cider donuts.  My daughter threatened him with bodily harm if he didn't bring us some. lol.

Comment by sk8eycat on September 5, 2013 at 1:53am

Oh, my nerves! Neighbors!

Comment by Patricia on September 5, 2013 at 1:00am

My husband ended up cleaning up the porch, but will wait until tomorrow to see if the rest of the yard gets done. The neighbors are normally great, but the issue with the 2 trees has been something of a sore spot over the years. They are on their property but it's our house which gets affected during high winds etc., & we actually would like to see them gone rather than ''topped'', but anything is better than nothing I guess. I think the company doing the job should be a little more cautious with where the branches are landing, & they should clean up too.

The neighbors on the carport side are the party people & have driven the whole neighborhood crazy with their loud & arrogant attitudes. They are always being reported to the police, but it means dick all to them.

Comment by sk8eycat on September 5, 2013 at 12:42am

Oh, Patricia!  Whatta rotten day (except for the Chinese dinner)! We have some neighbors that make me clench my teeth, but at least they're not right next door. They're on the street behind us, and they party (loudly) all weekend, and fight during the week.

Is Mr. Next Door going to clean up your yard? He should.

FA, I wish I was one of those little plastic people traveling on one of those model trains!  The whole thing looks more fantastic than Disneyland.

I still want a model train layout with Victorian era houses, towns, and trains.  With steam engines!

Comment by Plinius on September 5, 2013 at 12:08am

I'm glad you feel better Patricia! I've been busy restarting lessons after the summer holidays: it's so good when people love to see you again!

Comment by Patricia on September 4, 2013 at 10:49pm

Thanks FA! That's a terrific video & my husband wanted me to send it to his train pals. I also added it to my favorites on my youtube page.

We had chicken chow mein, sweet/sour chicken, prawns, & egg roll. MMMMM.........

Comment by The Flying Atheist on September 4, 2013 at 10:11pm

Yes, that sure is a crappy day, Patricia.  I'm sorry to hear about your husband.  What an ordeal having to call an ambulance and having to go through all that hassle.  I'm glad he's OK. 

I hope, at least, the Chinese food was good.  What did you order?

Here's a video to show your husband to perk up his mood.  I think he'll appreciate this.

Here's to a better day tomorrow. 

Comment by Patricia on September 4, 2013 at 9:42pm

It's been one crappy day!!!! First, the neighbor wakes me up this a.m. to tell me he's having his trees ''topped'' & to expect noise. They arrive shortly after & didn't much care they were hitting our new siding on the house while dropping the branches. The yard/front porch is a mess that they didn't clean up.

Next I fall down a few stairs so am stiffening up. Then a wasp crawled up my husband's pant leg & stung his knee. Had to call an ambulance to send him to hospital as the sting drove his bad heart berserk!!! His defibrillator/pacemaker was running continuously. Got that calmed down & the dr. told him he's likely allergic to stings now & will have to be very careful.

When he got home, he said I should scooter downtown & pick up Chinese food for supper, & I said with the way today has been, I'd likely get hit by a truck!!! But I went anyway...... 

Comment by sk8eycat on September 4, 2013 at 3:39pm

Ruth, I'm spending a *bleep-pile* of money by running the A/C and waiting for the Schwan's driver to bring me my order of frozen food (ice cream!). It's 100 deg. outside right now, and anyone who has to be out in that heat has my sympathy.

I'm also working on The Pet Press Events Calendar. The Stray Cat Alliance is throwing their annual "Stray Cat Club" gala, if anyone is interested. (Tee-hee!  It will be held at a "private Bel Air estate," and General Admission is $150....NOT my cuppa tea!)

I'm also taking breaks from the keyboard to re-read a collection of Robert G. Ingersoll's best work. Wonderful stuff!  We need an eloquent, outspoken person like him now. An outstanding orator who can really move people.

Comment by Grinning Cat on September 4, 2013 at 2:59pm

"Daily Kale" on Twitter had some advice for Steph's panicked kitty... good thing cats don't have thumbs!

Spider in your bed? Vitamin-packed kale gives you the energy and strength needed to burn down your house and move to new spider-free home


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