Is there a certain "tradition" of sorts that you do as an Atheist?

Anyone traveling?

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You must be a good cook Kalliope! Those dishes look interesting. How do they taste?

We do Thanksgiving for the foreign teachers in our program. Not everyone's from the US, so it's a chance to share the meal with our Japanese and other foreign friends. Turkey's a rare bird on the menu here, unless you're getting a leg from Disneyland or USJ (United Studios Japan) and gravy isn't typical either. It's catered through a restaurant that has done this meal for groups of teachers in this program over many years, now. It's a bit expensive, but it's a good way to lift our spirits and fight off homesickness, as well as share our culture and appreciate the friendships we've made here in Japan. :)

For the first time in many years I will get to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It will be a nice change of pace from the past half decade or so. We are going to bake a turkey and a ham and I am also going to deep fry a turkey! It is going to be a fantastic feast spent with those that I hold dearest to me. Can't wait! Hope it is a wonderful and special day for all of you as well!

That sounds lovely B.c.!

Me and the cats will be eating turkey and not complaining!
Sounds great Clarence!
How wonderful! Everyone sounds like they will have a good time. And all the non US members I hope you have a good day too.
I'm enjoying reading about all your plans.

I get to experience my first Mexican American Thanksgiving. There is a possibility of no turkey for me this year. But it's ok. There will be lots of yummy tamales and a wonderful boyfriend to be thankful for. :)

Cool Colleen! :)

I tamales Colleen! How wonderful!

Before we eat, we always thank the appropriate authority, the provider of the turkey - my husband's employer. Jokes aside, it's always just a great day of football, a couple of Guinnesses (Guinnae?), and family. Hope all ya'll have a great one!

My 2 kids and spouses, 4 grand kids, brother, niece and spouse, nephew and two close friends all gather at our house and stuff ourselves with all the traditional goodies (and a substantial quanity of vino).  And we always have a left overs dinner the next day.

As all present are Atheist there are no thanks offered to the imaginary sky ghost, although, everyone gives one event or thing that they are thankful for in the previous year. Everyone is local so there is no traveling.


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