Is there a certain "tradition" of sorts that you do as an Atheist?

Anyone traveling?

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We just go to my in-laws.  My mother-in-law is a great cook.  They know we're not religious, and even though they say they are catholic, they are not particularly religious.  Last year my Mom came with us, and we just all went around the table saying what we were thankful for (not very original!) instead of them saying a prayer. 

Wonderful Booklover - thanks!

I'm going to have mom over for turkey day.

I ordered all the food (because I don't have time to cook it all).

Turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, and all that good stuff.

Then might go and see a movie - like James Bond.

You know, a movie sounds like a good idea that weekend. Maybe Lincoln.

Not sure about what my brother and I will be doing this year. We may go to our sister's new apartment on the Illinois side of St. Louis for Thanksgiving with the rest of the family (including, I think, our dad), but that's not set in stone (or even wet cement) yet. If not, we may wind up going to one of the casino buffets or a nearby cafeteria for Thanksgiving dinner. My brother has to work at 8.45 Thanksgiving night at Target, however - they're opening at 9 pm (yeah, playing Walmart's game).

Sounds cool Brent!

Thanks Steph! =)  And to update: We ARE going to the new place in Illinois; time to be determined, but I'm sure it'll be early to mid-afternoon. Not sure if dad will be there; he's still in the nursing home, but I think they may spring him from there for the afternoon.

My plans.

Resting is a good plan Ruth!

I like the looks of that plan.

Steph, your plan sounds nice!  My husband and kids are going to go see the Bond movie over the weekend.

Ruth, I Love the pic of your plans! lol.

You actually cook such fancy dishes? I'm too lazy for all of that kitchen work.

But I get your strategy. I'm low salt and low carb, so I often have to take my own food to events.


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