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Picture a very distant ancestor dressed in a pungent, rotting, animal hide, eating a half cooked creature and drawing pictures in the dirt with a stick. If he's a male, I would bet he would be drawing “dirty pictures”. And from that point on men (mostly) have been drawing porn or pawing through a stack of it.
The printing press contributed to a wider (and profitable) audience. Then photography made the production and distribution much easier and opened it to anyone that owned a camera; to their delight, the porn aficionados found the film. For several generations they squinted at grainy, out of focus black and white, 8mm film for their porn fix. But, like other things, porn-tech went through a rapid evolution - color, high quality film, slick magazines, video recording, video rental, DVD's, and the Internet. Now the next evolutionary stage of the stick in the dirt …Google Glass – A near total audio/video immersion could be experienced.
The likelihood that the porn industry would miss that opportunity would be equivalent to a starving Pit Bull ignoring a pile of hamburger.
Maybe, before I go for the long dirt nap, they will have a “Holodeck” as in Star Trek S.G.
For a Google Glass you will need $1500.00 plus tax, but have heart, the porn industry will drive down that price in short order from the demand and record profits.

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... to have a headset on and think you're inside the scene...

I had no idea porn had a hand in the death of Betamax. We shall see how Google Glass changes production of all kinds of videos. The argument that an immersive POV will boost plot interactivity sounds intriguing. Will we begin to think nonlinearly?

Will we begin to think nonlinearly?

I hope so... that could be a world-changing benefit of new technology!

I'm sure any new technology will be adapted to appeal to that part of our primitive brains! Brave New World imagined "feelies", a multisensory successor to movies, being used for porn. (I remember a love scene on a bearskin rug mentioned, with "every hair of the bear" felt by the viewers.)

SF has long imagined various kinds of virtual sex... and that's not such a giant leap from people using internet video for cybersex, or exhibitionists broadcasting to a willing audience.

I have never been good at spectator events, whether sports, music, cooking or sex. Frankly, watching someone else doing something seems like a waste of my time and not as interesting or fun.


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