Just a cute video to share with all of you.

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How funny!  I love watching stuff like that!  Thanks Steph! :)

Thanks! Yeah kitty just watched the whole time - not too worried.

Glad you liked the video booklover and Patricia.

Aawww, I enjoyed that!  That squirrel must be a 'regular' around that house or that cat is VERY laid back and friendly.  

Years ago, I had a squirrel that showed up on my kitchen windowsill and I started feeding her yummy stuff (crackers or apple slices with peanut butter, a variety of nuts, etc.). She came back every day for months begging for food :)  I was able to hand feed her.

What a cute story Paula T. - I would love to hand feed a squirrel.

I used to live on a second floor with a window by a big tree. I enjoyed feeding a squirrel peanut butter on the window sill.

One day we came home and found a hole eaten through the screen, and the big bowel of Brazil nuts we'd left on the table was empty. We found the nuts hidden all around, in sofa cushions buried in plant pots, etc. The squirrel also helped him/her self to a chunk of the brand new cake which was in a cardboard box on the table.

Wow - what a story Ruth. Where did the squirrel go? Was it hiding in your house somewhere?

Cool Patricia!

I have a cute story.  When my son was about 11, we had chipmunks that lived in a crack in the cement of our doorstoop.  Every morning there would be a black walnut by their entrance, and they couldn't get it inside, because it was too big.  So my son would smash it with a hammer.  A few hours later, it would all be gone, and the next morning another one would be there. This went on for over a month I think.  Can you imagine what those chipmunks were thinking?  A big walnut-god must be smashing those walnuts for them every day! ;)

LOL  The lord works in mysterious ways!

I wonder if chipmunks wonder? lol

We all loved it!  Then my darn husband sealed-up the crack so the water didn't get into the basement~  the chipmunks still live in the dirt and flower barrel around there though.  They sit on the porch and torment the cats, because they know the cats can't get through the glass. :)



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