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A good long memorable original phrase, or a password derived from one, is a lot easier to remember (and harder to guess) than a word or two with digit or symbol substitutions -- "was that a 0 or an O"? Password-guessing programs have begun to include such s!mple variati0ns in their attacks.

This xkcd cartoon has sparked debate, but there's no question that we can do better than "training people to use passwords that are hard for humans to remember but easy for computers to guess."

(And here's a cartoon explanation of the dictionary (i.e. word list) attack.)

(And Spud, thanks for the laugh about the "characters" and "capital" in the password!)

Like pdmuaw... passwords drive me up a wall?

I use phrases that are common to me with numbers attached. Not hard for me to remember because they're silly things my parents used to say when I was a child. So far they seem to work just fine.

Here's the password card site and a sample card.  It looks like a good idea to me, but I can't guarantee it because I've not gotten around to using it yet.  Take it for what it's worth:

Well, now I would have to have a record. I wonder how long it would take a computer to identify these? Would a Turring Machine be able to? and how long would it take?

That looks like a strong (unguessable) scheme, IF nobody gets hold of your card or the card number that generates it. If someone does, then there are approximately as many ways to choose a password from the card as there are to guess a random common English word (taking only a few seconds for the bad guys).

It is a crazy world in which we live, and an insane time. Think back to when you were ten years old. Could you have foreseen any of this? 

In my 78 years, I saw the first lightbulb in my grandparents home, first telephone, first inside toilet. Just think, we surround ourselves with miracles every day and think nothing of it. I'm going to visit my great-grandkids in a few days and always just marvel at trying to imagine what they will see. I hope it is peace with justice, brought about without war.

Well, I guess we might just as well have some fun today, using the best of what we have and playing with ideas of what we would like the future to be. It is all just a crap shoot anyway. 

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