The smoke near my son's workplace 8 a.m. today. Northern BC

The fire from my daughter's driveway yesterday, & gaining ground last night. Southern BC. 

I hope she & her family got off their praying knees & got the hell out!

We haven't heard anything yet today!

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In general reason prevails, even if factor religion delays a bit the conclusion.

Gracious! I didn't know B.C. was having wildfires too. Hope all is well with the fam.

My son is ok but has developed a bad cough from smoke, & the fire is contained.

My daughter & family are still on evacuation alert, but fire fighters are flying over their neighborhood one after another & it looks better for them. They are using float planes & they fill up at the nearby lake.

My daughter did the evacuation thing 5 years ago, & the big worry in their huge subdivision, is there is only one way out of it! They ran to their church parking lot with the tent trailer, & another fire started across from the church land! Seems gawd didn't care who, what, where, or how, the burning went. Hundreds of homes were lost & families devastated. My youngest granddaughter was so traumatised, she ended up back in diapers, & terrible nightmares.

2003 was a terrible year, but the fires weren't as close to her that time.

I'm glad to hear they are safe and the fire is contained. Sorry to hear about the smoke inhalation.

We have hunded of fires every year. Our summers get very hot, & we're mostly forested.

British Columbia forest fires have not been in the news here. I've been reading about lots of forest fires further north in Canada. Is the lower red dot on the left the fire in BC?

My son lives in Prince George, 3 hours north of us in Williams Lake. My daughter lives in West Kelowna, 5 hours southeast of us, closer to Joan's location in Spokane.

We have over 160 fires & 40 are threatening populations. We have smoke here in town as well so none of us are out of it. 

We get very hot summers, even though most in the US seem to think we're hip deep in ice. The coast gets the rain, where we get little.  

Patricia, thanks for the maps. That lightning storm that passed through Spokane several days ago left a lot of hotspots. I am glad you are not close to one. The smoke is bad enough. I don't know how I would do if I lost my home. 

We were close last year with several big fires surrounding Williams Lake. The smoke was terrible & I have asthma! We are definitely not out of the woods in this pun intended!

Taken from my of the nearby forests behind the houses across the street.

Patricia, this is just dreadful! Were homes consumed in this fire? With street lights on at 8 AM, and smoke billowing, it must be terrifying. What would you put in your car if you had three minutes warning? That is what happened in the Carlton Complex fire. The winds shifting made matter worse. 

I have a list on my fridge & 2 cat carriers, so if we got a fire nearby & were put on alert we'd have to rely on neighbors to get us out.

My daughter & son-in-law have the tent trailer which they keep packed when they have fires nearby.

My son has his pickup truck so he & his girlfriend could run as long as they have 4 carriers ready for their pets.

Haven't heard about any homes yet, but it's not over & fire season is just beginning. 


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