The exterior renos were finished less than an hour ago....

Old & new back doors....

Old siding....

New front door....

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How exciting, and just in time for lilac season! Everything looks so fresh and new. Love the front door and glass panels; they look so elegant. The back door window looks like it can open and close. I like the new handle. The shutters add a nice feature as well. Do you feel just grand?!

What a gorgeous front door!

And it looks like a new house! And what a lot of work you had done!Now you can sit on the lawn and feel good - enjoy yourself!

Looks great Patricia!  I also love your front door!~ Mindy

The new doors are great especially the front door with the glass panels.  I liked the old siding but the new is more up to date, of course.  I may have to go the new siding before long as my wood siding is deteriorating.  Thanks for sharing. 

Patricia, that is about the same square-footage as our house.  Our basement is finished and has a bedroom (my son's "man cave" lol), and there is a 3/4 bathroom down there.  We are glad we never left our "starter home", since we are both 46, and it's been paid-off for quite a few years.  No mortgage is a wonderful feeling!!!

We've been in ours for 22 years, and have done a LOT to it.  Now it's back around to needing a new roof again, this time with a total tear-off, or whatever it's called.  My husband can't wait for our daughter to finish her Senior year of college, because then we'll be able to pay for some more renovations.

Yours looks very nice!!!!~ Mindy

Nice, fresh and modern update, Patricia.  Looks very nice.  All your patience has paid off.   

I'm currently renting but am toying with the idea of buying a condo later this year or early next.  My mortgage payments will just be beginning!   

Carl, then you can get a cat! ;)( If you don't already have one)

I would love to get a cat, but with my travels I just couldn't leave him/her alone for days at a time.  That would be cruel.  I know cats are very resourceful and can be quite self-sufficient when alone, but that's not the purpose of having a pet.  After all, it is I who wishes to force my companionship upon them.  :) 

You're right, it wouldn't be right for the cat, and - depending on what sort of person you are - you would worry when away if the cat was alright.

We took a 5day holiday last month and we knew our friend would come twice a day to talk to the cats, everything was well organized, but the cats didn't like it at all...

I know Carl, I was just teasing, but too bad you can't have one! Just enjoy the pics of them online! :)


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