Hmmm.....I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. His family sounds very supportive, but almost too supportive. It's hard to tell from just one article, but the quotes from the parents sound almost too PC. The title is a bit misleading, because it does say the kid outed himself in school. I don't like the fact they kept him home from school for a week. What better way of saying something isn't "normal," than by making a big deal out of it.   - Dallas


Utah Family Supports School that Outed Gay Son

A Utah school that revealed a teenage boy's homosexuality to his parents has drawn criticism from numerous gay activist organizations, but the boy's parents say they stand behind the school and never asked for the advocates to get involved.

The boy's story became an issue when gay activist organizations made public statements condemning the school's actions, claiming school officials violated the boy's rights and put him in danger.

The group's statements turned the story into news items on Salt Lake City television stations and newspapers.

A spokeswoman for the Utah Pride Center in Salt Lake City called the situation "disturbing" and Eliza Byard, the executive director of the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, said that outing a student "violates their right to privacy" and could "compromise their safety."

"Taking away the choice for a LGBT student to come out on their own terms opens the door to significant risks including harassment at school and family rejection," Byard said in the statement.

That was before the boy's family said they were grateful the school alerted them and that their son was doing fine. The advocate involvement has only drawn unwanted attention, the father said. [continue]

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I don't know. I think I just made it up on the spur of the moment. Maybe I just coined a new word. : )


That'll be my legacy. On my tombstone:


Here lies
Dallas Gaytheist


Coined the word jumblefuck.

There could be worse legacies.  I like that one.  Now to spread the word.  

I think I will. : )

I could use a good old-fashioned jumblefuck.  Who's in?

Coincidentally, I just ran across this article: Softball coaches accused of outing E. Texas teen


Before Skye Wyatt’s softball coaches outed her as a lesbian to her mother in 2009, she was a straight-A student who loved going to school, Wyatt alleges in court documents.


Then a 16-year-old sophomore at Kilgore High School in East Texas, Wyatt wanted to continue playing softball and maybe even become a coach.


But after coaches Rhonda Fletcher and Cassandra Newell locked Wyatt in a locker room on March 3, 2009 — where they allegedly threatened and interrogated her, before kicking her off the team and outing her to her mom — Wyatt said she became depressed and anxious.


“I had trouble sleeping,” Wyatt wrote in a sworn statement dated Oct. 3, 2011. “I even cut myself and contemplated suicide. My grades went down, and I started skipping school.


“As a result of Ms. Fletcher and Ms. Newell telling my mom I was gay, she and I didn’t speak for months,” Wyatt wrote. “Our relationship was totally destroyed for almost two years. It was incredibly difficult for me to go through all of the pain of being outed and kicked off the softball team without feeling close to my mom.” [continue]

That's terrible.


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