So I have had a rocky time for a young 23 year old, I was a Catholic Christian when I was a teen, and obviously being gay was wrong and not in "God's will" so I repressed it big time, this went on for years apart from a brief blip when I started questioning stuff and experimented, but I felt bad and became friends with a few Muslims and eventually converted to Islam for a while, eventually the repression drove me insane, I realised that religion is made up and became an atheist rather quickly.

Now that I am out of all of that I am finding it really really hard to come to terms with the point in anything. Religion gave me an idea that repressing my feelings towards guys would be rewarded with an eternity in Heaven (that sounds so stupid now) but now I can act on it, and trust me I am trying to be a nice boyfriend and happy but with no kids on my future and whatever happens my life will end, I just find it damn hard to find meaning for me being around.

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That isn't the only action of Wilson that makes him resemble Bush2 more than a fellow Democrat, Obama. When a Mexican general assassinated the new President Francisco Madero and usurped the presidency, Wilson allowed his anti-Mexican ambassador, Henry Lane Wilson, talk him into a most unwise course of action: invasion of Veracruz, 1914. Mexicans have never forgotten the incident, although it was not as heinous as the charge on Chapultepec the previous century. Wilson told Congress and the press he invaded because "we have to teach the Mexicans to elect good men." Does that sound familiar?

The inanity corresponds.

Also, in 1912 and in 2008, splits in the Repub Party resulted in Demo wins.

Excellent Tom. I think the majority of us would agree with you. Minus the fundies.
I wonder what it is about them that makes them think any war the USA gets involved in is a just war??
Any ideas??

On the one hand many say they do not trust the government, though many more say we should stay out of wars for the time being. I maintain we have not fought a "just" war since 1945. The worst was Iraq, but we had no business in Korea (fear of communism) or Vietnam (fear of communism), not to mention Panama (hatred of a dictator we propped up), Guyana (phony "rescue" of American med students). Of course, the government, or a particular leader, has his privy information, so most just blindly follow what he says. As my late father put it to me when I started dodging the draft and telling him why Vietnam was an immoral war, "my country right or wrong." If that had been the thinking in the 18th century we would still be part of Great Britain. When it comes to war, I think we should teach potential soldiers to heed Nancy Raygun's advice: Just Say No.

Any ideas? Yes, there is a continuum of such thinking.

I have known far right xians for decades and the "spare the rod and spoil the child" attitudes I've heard have persuaded me that many, when they were young, were beaten or otherwise abused by parents or caregivers.

The conservatives I have worked with on bylaws or rules committees of organizations distrust people and write pages of detailed rules to restrain the many behaviors they fear. I believe their alertness to such behavior is the mildest stage of PTSD.

I grew up in a sometimes violent home and know this alertness well. It has energized my 40-plus years of political activism.

@tweeekk. Maybe it's just the restlessness of youth. You seem like you have your head on straight. I'm an old atheist but I remember the restless uncertainties of my youth. In all honest I'm glad I made it through. Here's hoping you do the same. There was a posting on a/n earlier this week about the peace core. You may want to just look at it.

Sadly I am British so we don't have an equivalent

I remember when I got all of the messed up crap out of my head and finally realized that atheist was not a bad word.  Shortly after all this I got down.  I no longer believed in ghosts or anything supernatural.  I felt like all the magic and wonder was gone from my life.  On one hand I felt like I had really evolved mentally at a young age and I was proud of myself.  However, on the other hand I felt like I would die one day and my life had no purpose.  It went that way for a while until one day while watching a space doc I realized out of all the universe and planets I was alive and had this life to do with what I wanted.  Out of everything that has merged and evolved, out of everything that had passed away or was destroyed I had this tiny life on this this tiny planet in this enormous universe and that was magic to me.  I gave up religion because beyond the good will image and love your neighbor ideas you hear of its covered in repression, blood, genocide, and control.  I became the magic I was missing and shortly after that my creativity was back and off the hook.  Just my journey but I hope your journey is even better than mine has been so far.  Good luck bud.

Tweeeekk, I survived a war and the GI Bill paid for three years of college before I quit Catholicism. For a while I wasn't real sure I wanted to go on living. I kid you not; one night I reached for the gun I owned and suddenly knew my life belonged to me, not to my domineering parents and not to the Church.

With enough college that I knew I wanted to finish, I found a night shift job and was a part time student until I happened into a course I Iiked so much that I asked my professor, "People will pay me to do this?"

He told me they would so I quit my job, became a full time student, and graduated. That was fifty years ago and I'm now retired from that work.

BTW, after 45 years of agnosticism without even one lightning bolt hitting nearby, I opted for atheism.

Your life is now yours. It's the only one you'll have, so do with it what will make you happy.


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