Some People Really Might Have 'Gaydar'

Some people actually may  have "gaydar," a widely used slang term for the ability to assess quickly  another person's sexual orientation, a new study suggests.

Researchers asked 129 college students to look at 96 photos of young  men and women and to identify them as either gay or straight. The  participants were 65 percent accurate in identifying gay and straight  women and 57 percent accurate in identifying gay and straight men.

Faces in photos were free of glasses or jewelry, as well as scars,  facial hair and non-earlobe piercings.

When the faces were viewed upside down, the participants' accuracy  slipped to 61 percent in identifying gay/straight women and 53 percent in  identifying gay/straight men.

Still, that accuracy rate is higher than would be expected by chance  alone, the researchers said. [continue]

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I really prefer viewing people upside down even if I can't identify their sexuality.  It's much more interesting.

I have gaydar. I am never wrong.

I'm right more often than I trust myself to be. It takes a while to unlearn the "keep your head down" mentality.

I need to have Shannon with me when I'm out and about.  It's good to have someone whose gaydar is never wrong.


When I moved from the midwest to the pacific northwest, at first I thought almost all men here seemed gay.  Later, others who made the same move, said the same thing to me.  Not sure why.  then I moved to Chicago, and I thought the gay men who I met were really straight men who just fooled around with guys.  But they really were gay.  Then I moved back to the northwest, and now I just dont notice.

LOL SB, I should clarify- never wrong with WOMEN. No matter if they are butch or femme, there is a certain..I don't know what it is..bold, brazen ability to stare other queer girls down. And there is also the sense of sturdiness that has nothing to do with butch or femme. Lots of little non traditional things that make me hit it on the nose.

I'd say I am pretty on target with guys when I notice, but no guarantees there.


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