A new film will soon be released ‘Call Me Kuchu’, a film documenting the story of Uganda’s LGBT community, a group that has faced  repression and homophobic violence. Same-sex relationships are currently illegal in Uganda, but the Anti-Homosexuality Bill proposed in 2009 would broaden the criminalisation, introduce the death penalty and life imprisonment as punishment, and include consequences for individuals who know gay people or support LGBT rights.
The film centres on David Kato, the first openly gay man in the history of Uganda, and his plight to both block the hateful legislation and educate his fellow citizens on what it means to be LGBT.

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Thanks for posting this.

I wonder what is significantly different about being gay in most of Africa, now, and being Jewish in Germany in the 1920s.  What I see in treatment of gays in most parts of Africa is demonization, scapegoating, death, threats of death, witch hunts, and a desire for elimination.

There is also superstition involving albinos and children who are considered "witches".  A lot of ignorance going around.  If wealth from American missionary movements was spent on education instead of promoting religious ignorance and intolerance, maybe it would help. 

American christians have long supported persecution of gays in Uganda.  Scott Lively is infamous for his decades-long effort to persecute gays there.  It's not just American churches, but their money and ambition are what is fueling the hate.  That's subSahran Africa.  In North Africa, more or less, it's Islam.  Sadly, Africa seems to have a choice only between hateful murderous christians, and hateful murderous muslims. 

Africa appears to be fertile ground for the ignorance and superstition which is religion.  And, lest we forget, there's boatloads of money to made from this.  The wealth of the continent was previously poured into the coffers of murderous degenerates like Leopold of Belgium. Now, it is poured into the coffers the murderous degenerates who carry the cross and the crescent. Keep someone's mind enslaved, and it's only a small step to take their bodies and wallets.

The analogy with antisemitism in Germany is apt!

It's worth pointing out that Uganda's "kill the gays" bill would construe even knowing several LGBT people without reporting them to the authorities as a "repeated" offense subject to the death penalty.


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