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When someone gets banned from the site, the software, automatically deletes all their comments from all their posts. This is what happened with variable. I wish his comments could have remained because he had several good things to say. In fact, he was only banned after he quit the site and returned to reopen groups that were causing problems for people viewing from work.

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I was wondering what happened to variable. Thanks for the info. I'm sorry too see he and his posts gone.
"I wish his comments could have remained because he had several good things to say."

I wish variable himself could have stayed too, he brought up the controversial imp in me. ;)
Me too. I really tried to open to him and reasonably listen. However, he was not interested in doing the same. To bad. I liked him.
also, he was cute. don't you agree Brother Richard?
yeah....uh....real sexy.
I only joined Atheist Nexus yesterday and don't know who variable is or the circumstances of his banning but deleting the posts of those who have been banned more than a bit excessive. I can understand banning some one in some situations but deleting all there posts, that overkill.
Double standards, Double standards, Double standards


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