American Experience | Alexander Hamilton

Wow, what a great documentary. I knew absolutely nothing about Alexander Hamilton, or the immense influence he had on our Nation. This documentary is well worth seeing.

Here are just a few notes I took:

Hamilton is the architect of our current financial system.

He helped bring the states out of debt after the revolutionary war.

He was a strong advocate for creating a Republic of the states, and for a strong central government.

He heavily influenced the creation of the Constitution.

He wrote The Federalist Papers, which are sited in judgments by the Supreme Court more, or almost more, than the Constitution.

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“After distinguishing himself in the American Revolution, Hamilton worked to make his adopted country his own. He became a representative to the Continental Congress, primary author of the The Federalist, and the first Secretary of the Treasury under President George Washington. He created the Bank of the United States, the Bank of New York, the New York Manumission Society. He organized the Coast Guard and started a newspaper, the New York Evening Post. While generally remembered as the man who died in a duel with Aaron Burr, Hamilton left an imprint on American institutions still present two centuries after his death.”

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