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Comment by Daniel W on Tuesday
Mike I sm sorry about your wife. This is a time when you need her support. So disappointing.

Not knowing all of your situstion, some people can survive liver disease for many years.

With my cancer I know my next scan could be the start of the end. Or not. Ive had a couple of years to get used to that. I try to live like tomorrow might be my last day, or the first day of thousands more.

Im glad you said that to your daughter. It seems to me that its true,
Comment by Michael Penn on Tuesday

I'm glad you are getting it done, Daniel. I was going to mail you these things privately but thought why not put it on here. I don't care if everyone knows. If my time is short I want to be a shining example and not like my whiney theist friend who has Jesus as best buddy and doesn't want to die. Hell, nobody wants to die.

Today i told my youngest daughter that death would be much like it was before you were born, and I explained that to her. Why in the hell would you be born into a world where everyone's destiny is written in a book? It don't make sense.

Comment by Daniel W on Tuesday
Mike I truly hope your medical situation improves.

Seems like a lot of us on here are not shiny examples of health.

Well y kitchen now has 75% of a new floor. i could potentially do the remaining 25% this week. It might be less than that. Bamboo is easier than I expected.

Caninets are in too. That leaves the counter tops, plumbing, and electrical. I intentionally did not move the sink and dishwasher because I wNt to avoid plumbers.

then... makbe bake a pie. And so e bread. And make some chili. Those are my favorites
Comment by Michael Penn on Tuesday

One added stress is my wife. We were fine living apart until I refused to do taxes with her. I didn't want to pay her income taxes.

Today I took CD's to her apartment 40 miles away. She was not home and wouldn't answer the phone. I left the CD's anyway. Later she called me in shock because I had come to her home uninvited. Why did I come there? I told her to bring the CD's. This was said about 8 times. Better yet, she wanted to know how I knew where to go to. How did I know where she lived? I told her because that's where the mail goes to. This was said at least twice. (Remember that she is tribal African but knows 3 languages) She got angry, said it's over and it's divorce time.

By what sort of miracle did I figure out where she lived? I went to where the letters go to. Who in the hell would argue over crap like this?

Comment by Patricia on Tuesday

Yes, no point in waiting.

Comment by Michael Penn on Tuesday

Both my daughters are well aquainted with the bible god like I was, but today they listen to me and agree with me. As for believing they each claim that "they believe in something." It's not really clear what that something is. Anyway, I have to get serious with some plans and it also may be a month before I see that specialist.

Comment by Patricia on Tuesday

Well you most certainly don't need added stresses!

Good idea to tell your kids what you want though. I told my kids the paperwork has been signed & sent in for my remains to go to medical research, & my religious daughter can damn well put up & shut up.

Comment by Michael Penn on Tuesday

Thanks Patricia. It all depends on whether I have 25% of my liver good yet. I won't know that for a while. If I don't have that I won't be living too long.

Told my wife that tonight but all she wants is to talk divorce and argue. I'm telling my kids that if I die I want to be cremated and scattered in an area that I loved.

Comment by Patricia on Tuesday

Well finally Michael......isn't it great to have someone who will pay attention???!!!! Now you can get on with what you need to do, & with medical help, hopefully improve your outcome. I was thinking of your situation quite often so am glad you posted this.

Comment by Michael Penn on Tuesday

I now have a new doctor who did run the tests and she's terrific. I'm not, but she is. I'm type 2 diabetic with a severe extreme fatty liver. The cat scan with catalyst said that about the liver and the diabetes was a simple blood test. She says I'm going to a specialist about my liver, but I know it's pretty simple here. Do I have 25% good liver? If not it's soon going to be bye bye time. If I do have 25% the liver can repair itself in 3 years. No booze now and I will follow a diet to a reasonable measure, but I'm still going to eat most of what I like.

My previous doctor pissed me off. He thuoght I drank too much beer and ate too many hot dogs. That is not my condition. That is how you get in my condition. This new doctor listened to me and heard me talk symptoms. I can no longer drink alcohol because my body cannot process it. Through all of this my liver enzymes ae showing up as normal.


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