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Comment by Idaho Spud 1 hour ago

Dehydrated pear chips are probably much better for you than a lot of snacks.

The first few weeks I was on the Atkins diet, I eliminated close to all carbohydrates, except for a fair amount of pears, apricots, and strawberries that were ripening in my garden.  I lost weight rapidly, even eating those natural carbohydrates.

Comment by Randall Smith 1 hour ago

I hear you, Spud. I'm an "all evening nibbler", mostly on my homemade dehydrated pear chips. Lots of sugar in each bite, but I rationalized by saying the roughage is good for me. I alternate between sweet and salty snacks.

It's all quite normal to snack like this, even after we've eaten a big meal. Perhaps the trick is to ban all such snacky items from the house. Easier said than done! Good luck to you.

Comment by Idaho Spud 20 hours ago

If I eat something, no matter what time of day, my body wants to eat more & more & more until I'm stuffed.  I don't get near as tempted to eat when I fast the entire day.

If I skip breakfast, I will eat more later in the day, even up to bedtime.  That negatively impacts my sleep, and sometimes gives me acid reflux.

Comment by Randall Smith yesterday

Spud, I can understand how difficult it must be. In fact, I don't know how you can go a whole day without eating. Wouldn't just skipping breakfast be enough? Dr. Mercola calls it "intermittent fasting". I know it takes every bit of will power I can muster up not to nibble on a piece of chocolate or cookie on my "off days".

Comment by Idaho Spud yesterday

Randy, I've started fasting every other day again in order to loose fat.  It's the only way I've found that works for me.  It's easier to do that than any other plan, but the temptation is still there, especially when I pass through the kitchen.

Comment by Randall Smith on Thursday

Why are you fasting, Spud? I've been "sugar fasting" on odd days, but not to lose weight. Just seeing if I can do it!

Comment by Michael Penn on Thursday

In Missouri my social security was not taxed this year, probably because I didn't start working again until December. I even had $3000 unemployment and didn't have to pay on that. Although I didn't pay anything to the state I got back $116 from them because I had paid full price on my taxes. At 65 you can sign forms to reduce your taxes, or if you wait like I did my tax man makes the adjustment for me at end of year.

Don't know about next year yet. I'm working about 2 days a week and will be in a different tax bracket. There comes a time when a portion of the social security is taxed.

Comment by Patricia on Wednesday

We pay 12% total provincial & federal sales tax, breaks down to 7% & 5%, but food is exempt unless purchasing in a restaurant, or a type of snack food.

Comment by Idaho Spud on Wednesday

Idaho is considering raising sales tax from 6% to 7% but dropping the tax on food.  Also considering making income tax a flat 6.6%, overall increasing state revenues.

I get $16 per month from the state for food, and that is not taxed.  If the new tax law passes, all my food will now be tax free.  My social security income is not taxed, but I don't know yet if I'll be giving the state more or less.

Comment by Patricia on Wednesday

We'd pay almost double for that amount, but we don't pay tax on food.


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