Hi all. New to the group (but not A|N). I was wondering if anyone here cans or otherwise preserves their own food.  I do, and and am always looking for tips, suggestions, hints, recipes, etc. on food preservation. I'm fortunate to live in a rural area where, in the summertime, the fruits and vegetables are abundant. In addition (as an omnivore), I also make and can my own stock and vegetable broth . In fact, I'm the only person I know of that has a supply of canned pork stock - I cobbled together the recipe and used the same process for making and canning chicken and beef stock. I have a very large - actually massive - 41 quart pressure canner which, if you do large batches, saves a lot of time. Anyway, hints, tips, suggestions, or recipes are appreciated. 



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Thanks pat. I'm saving this very detailed recipe, and I'm with you in wanting to avoid a trip to the emergency room.

My pleasure Spud. And, like I put somewhere, this will work for making chicken stock also. I've got a butcher friend who can get me chicken necks - 20 lbs at a time. The two things I can't stress enough are respect for the pressure canner, and cleanliness. Knew a woman who decided to prematurely open a pressure cooker when she was cooking something at only 5 lbs. The reconstructive surgery to her face was not pretty.

I used to can & freeze everything but the canning has just gotten to be too much work for a fibromyalgia/arthritic person. My hands just don't work well anymore. Plus my kitchen here is too small to do anything on any sort of worthwhile scale. I do freeze everything freezeable now because I can handle that sort of prep in small rounds.

When the kids were young, I canned, froze, & dried foods, sewed most of our clothing, & knitted the warm stuff.

Patricia, I used to dehydrate food also. In fact, had built my own which was the size of a standard refrigerator. As with the house, I lost that also in the divorce.  Always wanted to build another, but just never seemed to get around to it.


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