Swordfish is the best fish I've ever had!   Nothing like opening a discussion in the middle, but now I have your attention, lets talk fish.

I'm far from being an expert on fish, what with limited funds and being a penny-pincher, but I do love the taste of fish and most seafood, so I'll be so bold as to start the discussion.

My dad loved to fish and usually took us kids with him.  Most of the fish we caught were trout, so I love fresh trout, covered with flour or cornmeal, and fried in butter.  Mmmmmmm, got to get me some right away!

My mom's siblings lived by an irrigation stream that was filled with catfish, so fresh catfish also makes my taste-buds wake-up & say howdy!  Besides tasting as good as trout, with catfish, you don't have to be near as careful to prevent bones getting stuck in your throat.

Now, back to the swordfish.  In 1966, I took the Queen Mary ocean liner from England to New York City.  I tried a different seafood platter at every meal, for the 5 day trip.  The fish must have been fresh and must have been prepared by a good chef, because they were all delicious.

Despite being delicious, my poor memory can't remember what any of them were except the swordfish.  Wow!  It was head & shoulders above the rest in the taste department.

Since then, I've never seen it in the few restaurants I've been to, and never seen it in a store, except once. I took it home, cooked it, and my taste-buds were highly disappointed.  I think not knowing how to cook it right was a factor, but I suspect the largest factor was the lack of freshness.  One thing I know about fish.  When they stop moving, their flavor degrades rapidly.

OK then, lets hear your fishy stories:

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I add salt to some of my cooking, but not a lot, & not everything of course. Never add salt at the table, & I don't like salty foods particularly & even prefer French fries unsalted, but I seldom eat them anyway. I am also on bp meds but I'm sure I can't blame salt for it as I have never used much. Don't have a sweet tooth, but I do like dark chocolate occasionally, but with sea salt.....I don't think so!!!! 

Sounds about right to me Felaine.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes several years ago. My diet instructions limited me only from carbohydrates, not fats. I could eat the hamburger, dripping in grease, but was instructed to forego the bun. Bacon, ham and all kinds of meats from the butcher except organ meats were allowed. Carrots, peas, potatoes, wheat, corn, were restricted, and sugars, corn syrups, maple syrups were restricted. I have been able to keep my blood sugar between 70 - 100 (that is the desired range). Dairy products were limited only to the amount of sugar in the product; I didn't have to restrict the fats. 

I use agave nectar in my coffee. Can't abide artificial sweeteners, they leave a metallic taste in my mouth. I grew stevia one year and didn't like it, or the packaged varieties. 

When I don't feel good, I test my blood sugar count and it is usually high. I eat a crisper full of lettuce and celery and I feel good again.


I'll just link to a fish story I liked....

Okay Daniel, I'm going to the cupboard right now to check my Goldfish Crackers for signs!

Mindy, if your's have a "zero" that's a sign there's no god.

Mine have nothing on them but a smile.  I'll take that as a sign that there's no god too. :)

It's a miracle!

More christian comedy; goddidit. 

I couldn't stand to read all the comments on that story (too many babbling idiots), but I did find three that I liked:

ankypanky said "That . . . that's a head of a loose Phillips screw from the stamping mechanism, right?"

Karljohan Pettersen said "Yes, but it was God that set that screw loose. Well, a screw loose, I have a feeling there might be more than one in this story."

tornadosfirstcat said "I once saw a news report featuring a guy who claimed the face of Jesus appeared in bird crap on his windshield. I shit you not."

Sometimes I buy frozen chunks of swordfish and it tastes good, but I never ate fresh swordfish, so I cannot compare. Just salt and pepper and fry it very quickly.

Thanks for the idea Chris.  I may be able to order frozen swordfish from my fishmonger, "Fish Off the Old Block".  They order octopus and pigskin for me, and next payday I'm ordering kidney.  Going to try making steak & kidney pie.


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