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Comment by Patricia 20 hours ago

Yes Randy, he is, but he ignores everything if it means cutting out or cutting down on anything. He thinks since he doesn't have weight issues, he can do what he wants, & the meds will take care of the rest. His addictive personality always has something, & right now its sugar/salt/fat. He never did completely quit smoking either. But..........he's managed to stay among the living since that first massive heart attack in 1988, & the dr. says, ''whatever you're doing, keep doing it'', little knowing that Rick has been less than open.

I can make the right meals, but I can't prevent him buying what he will buy.

Comment by Bertold Brautigan yesterday

A couple of years ago a friend went on the raw food diet, and she thought agave was the second coming of what's-his-name and would solve all the world's evils. From The Informed Gardener (with thanks to Daniel for recommending it):

. . . "organic" or "natural" sources of sugar (like fruit juice or honey) are promoted as being healthier than refined sugar. In fact, your body's enzymes don't recognize the difference between processed and unprocessed sucrose (or fructose). And claims about the health benefits of trace substances associated with "natural" sugars are unsubstantiated.

Comment by Randall Smith yesterday

Joan, I wondered about your agave statement at first. Glad you looked it up--bad stuff. Meier sells bulk stevia at a reasonable cost.

Patricia, your husband is just asking for it, isn't he? Too bad he's so addicted. And I've become a big tumeric fan. It's supposed to be a very important additive, along with cinnamon and ginger.

Comment by k.h. ky yesterday
We have another winter storm watch for wed and thurs. I envy you who are seeing plants grow and things bloom. We are going to have a very late spring.
Comment by k.h. ky yesterday
I just saw Daniels post about brown sugar being white with molasses. I don't care for molasses. It's way to strong to suit me. I'm not a big sugar fan and most things are far to sweet for my taste. Like those puffy peanut things. Yuck.
I cut the sugar down in peanut butter fudge. And anything else l can get away with. I've messed up some recipes doing that.
Comment by Patricia yesterday

I take turmeric in capsule form, which is a lot like ginger. No sweetening involved.

Comment by Patricia yesterday

Brown sugar & raw sugar aren't the same.

I buy raw sugar for my coffee & I only use 1/8 tsp per cup as I don't like it too sweet. That little amount is just enough, & I drink 2 cups a day. Its expensive, but I'm the only one using it. Rick likes plain ol' white sugar & won't try anything else, but he lives on sugar all day long, 7Up, coke, coffee, breakfast oatmeal, candy, cereal bars, etc. He started this after his stroke, as I never knew him to go for sweets like that before it.

Comment by Joan Denoo yesterday

Patricia, I agree, sugar is sugar, and I am able and willing to be corrected. 

Spud, I wonder what it is that makes your nose stuffy in the morning if you drink it too close to bedtime? The body does so many strange things; it takes a lifetime to figure it all out. 

Kathy, I have never heard of being allergic to breast milk. That must have been dreadful news to your mother. I took great pride in nursing my three babies and was happy as a mother cat ... until I dried up. I was so fatigues taking care of the three, I suppose my body just said, "Too much! You have to give up something." I'm sorry to learn of your life-long stomach problems. 

Randy, I turned to Agave nectar and enjoy it. As I understand it Agave does not act the same way as other sweeteners. Well, I just read that Agave nectar is worse than sugar.

"This "Healthy" Sweetener is Even Worse Than Regular Sugar

"If you must add some extra sweetness to your diet, agave nectar is absolutely notthe way to do it.

"There are several natural sweeteners out there that are much healthier… including steviaerythritol and xylitol.

"Agave nectar may just be the unhealthiest sweetener in the world. It makes regular sugar look healthy in comparison… and that is saying something."

I love it when I am shown to be wrong. Now I can do something right. Or not!

Comment by k.h. ky yesterday
I like ginger snaps. And butter cookies.
Is brown sugar the same as raw sugar? I've never seen raw sugar in a store that I recall. But I go in with a list and a purpose.
Pure vanilla is a must. And real butter. I don't use imitation products if I can help it.
Comment by Randall Smith on Monday

The one thing I know is ginger is good for you, sugar is not--white, brown, honey, agave, molasses, corn, etc. Unfortunately, I love sugar and don't much like ginger. Life is so unfair.


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