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A biggish-name blogger has moved to create/promote a flavor of atheism that finally gets it about feminism: Atheism+.

See you there?

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Not even close, no. Too much of the male species is douche-y, so you're always going to have a certain percentage. I figure it'll get worse as atheism becomes more mainstream, and the social networks can become more niche, allowing the men's rights assholes to seal themselves off into an echo-chamber, where they can build up their confidence before spilling out into the rest of the community.

I'm still waiting for the day when I can say to someone over the internet, "You know what?  You're a DoucheLord."  And their response would be, "Hell yeah!"  Then we would get along ignore each other just fine.  I mean, all I'm asking for is a little honesty...


Awwww, I gave Kacie a sad.  ;_;

And now I has a sad. TT-TT

Heh, I've been listening to way too much Dan Savage, lately.  I've been working my way through the whole archive.


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