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Recently reported are the results of surveying 400,000 people by the Office for National Statistics:



As of March 2011


23.2% said they were not religious, against 20.5% a year earlier.

68.5% said they were Christian, against 71.3% a year earlier.

One third of those between 25 and 34 stated they had no religion at all.


Dr Dave Landrum, director of advocacy at the Evangelical Alliance said the true figure for active Christians would be even lower because ”Ticking a box does not make you a Christian, and given the state of our society it is doubtful that all of those who self-identify as Christians actually are.”


Other News:

2011  4.4% were Muslim, against 4.2% a year earlier.


How would figures for other European countries compare with these?



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Germany - 2010 estimation:

protestant 29.7%

catholic 29.9%

no religion 34.6%

muslim 4.4%

other 1.7%


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