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I have already written up this discussion. It can be found in the Introductions forum underr the same title for this discussion. You're feed-back is appreciated as it might only be a conspiracy theory. But sounds plausible to me. Am I racist to Muslims? No but the cultural indigestability of the astounding numbers of Muslims entering and who started to started to enter the UK particularly from the 1990s is worrying to me. Its political effect in the future as they have larger families and voting rights. I think the fundamentalists would appreciate that.
I was born in London. I emigrated to The States when I was 31 years back in 1992. I went back to London 1999-2000.
I have been wondering why the high immigrattion rate for over a couple of decades now so please set me straight.

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I wouldn't sign up for a EU conspiracy to over populate heretofore non-Muslim countries with Muslims.  I would, however, agree to the possibility of a grand Islamic scheme to infiltrate and destroy "infidels" from within.  Osama bin Laden's true objective was never to win a war with the West, rather it was to bankrupt the U.S. and its allies.  An Islamic infiltration, through legal immigration, could be a long-term strategy that is now becoming reality.  Case in point, the Boston Marathon bombers.  Legal immigrants, totally immersed into American society suddenly "turn".  Like double agents and moles in spy movies and books, Muslim immigrants could be infiltrating secular and Christian societies around the globe, and at any given moment, receive an activation signal from the great Imam (whomever or wherever he may be).

Hmmm... this could be a great speculative novel... lol.


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