So what are you doing to lower your carbon footprint?

How active are you in environmental issues?

As for me:

I just (finally) switched to wind powered energy for my condo. I also replaced all but the light over the dining room table with a CFL. I wash all my dishes by hand now. I wash my clothes in cold water and air dry as often as possible. I also keep all my appliance unplugged when I am not using them, and I try to limit my AC/Heat until I really need it. Since my condo doesn't have many windows, I keep night lights plugged in so that I can go to the kitchen or bathroom when I need to, and I don't have to turn on the lights.

I sometimes walk to do an errand if the place is close enough. I use reusable grocery store bags, and I'll choose low-packaging options when possible (I never buy single-serving items, for example).

At home, I recycle all my paper, tin, glass, and plastic. I reuse all plastic bags to carry things in, or pick up dog waste when I walk my dogs. I no longer trash vegetable waste, but instead throw it behind the bushes so that it can biodegrade.

I also started a green group at work. We planted 8 trees last year, and plan to do more this spring. I also found an independent recycler to come pick up paper, plastic, and aluminum cans for the entire office building. We have about 8 companies that participate. We also watch environmental documentary DVDs, and schedule guest speakers.

I also moderate a green Yahoo! Group for Dallas, and I'm signed up for every email/distribution/newsletter list you can imagine. I do take the time to respond to action alerts and letter writing campaigns as time allows, and I always try to catch the environmental radio shows on PRI. I also watch every documentary I can get my hands on.

Last fall, I attended the Green Jobs Now rally here in Dallas, and I attend the local environmental/alternative energy groups (as often as I can) that I found on I also print out flyers, posters, and brochures on environmental issues and take to the local library for display on their public bulletin board/display center.

I'm sure there are a few other things as well, but this is all I can think of at the moment.

Of course, there are many things I can't do because of the costs involved, such as buying a different car, make my condo more energy efficient, or install solar panels, etc.

So what are you doing in your own life? Do you have any ideas or experiences you would like to share with other AN members?

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