In Weather Chaos, a Case for Global Warming

The floods battered New England, then Nashville, then Arkansas, then Oklahoma — and were followed by a deluge in Pakistan that has upended the lives of 20 million people.

The summer’s heat waves baked the eastern United States, parts of Africa and eastern Asia, and above all Russia, which lost millions of acres of wheat and thousands of lives in a drought worse than any other in the historical record.

Seemingly disconnected, these far-flung disasters are reviving the question of whether global warming is causing more weather extremes.
Read the rest on the New York Times website.

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I have little doubt that AGW is causing weather extremes. The hard part is we can never prove that this specific flood or that specific heatwave was specifically AGW caused.

I've often likened it to smoking. Smoking is known to significantly increase your chances of any number of illnesses, including life-threatening ones. But there will always be anecdotal evidence of "My grandpa smoked 2 packs a day for 79 years and never got sick a day in his life!" Just as there will be FOX News rambling about a blizzard in DC, so the global climate must be fine.

Likewise, if a smoker gets emphysema, we can say it was very likely caused or contributed to by smoking, but we'll never know, had the person never started, if they would never have gotten emphysema.


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